Saturday, January 12, 2008

Old stuff

I discovered an old memory stick in my camera bag so I thought I would share a few pictures from it.

Christmas 2002. And before anyone says anything about how short my hair is let me just say this...it had been growing out for almost 3 months by the time this picture was taken. Seriously...since Sept. 30...a day I will never forget. During one of my language lessons I learned how to say "I would like you to cut off three centimeters of my hair please." What I said to the hairdresser must have been, "I would like you to cut off all of my hair but three centimeters please." He used a razor comb and just kept combing until that's all I had left...3 centimeters. Erica was with me and kept saying, "Mom, tell him to stop." I didn't want to tell him to stop, because I didn't know what I would end up with if he did. On my way home from the 'kuafor' I called Brian to warn him that we now sported the same haircut. His reply, "come on home, Larry"...and I was known as Larry for quite awhile after that.

Our kids attended a Turkish school for the first two years we lived in Turkey. The preschool program had an end of year performance where the kids dressed up in costumes and did dances and sang songs. Here is Jacob in his finery. He looks so sweet I can hardly stand it. He was quite concerned about having to wear a pink shirt, but since all the boys were wearing them and not thinking a thing about it he decided he could do it too. He also had a red one with a ruffle down the front to wear for a Spanish dance that the kids did. This didn't seem to be so bad in his eyes. Red is his favorite color.

Anna Grace. Look at how cute she is!

Will...again too cute for words.

And finally...the cake I made for Will's 8th birthday. Not very symetrical, but it tasted good!

I had one picture of Erica, but it was too dark. She was cute, too. Trust me.

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