Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The occassion

Mentanna's comment to my Roomies - 2 post reminded me of the occassion for the picture in that post. I happened to have a picture of those gangsters. But, why did they dress up as gangsters...really...that is the question. But why did they do any of the things they did? Really.


Kristy in NC said...

I especially think it's hilarious that the one guy is wearing slippers. What kind of gangster wears slippers? Ha!

Gina said...

Never heard of gangsters wearing slippers either, but I guess their feet get cold too!!

Dixon Ailesi said...

well i think the slippers are funny, but what i find more amusing is the green balloon gun (????) sticking out of the coat. i'm pretty sure mentanna's hockey stick could take out a guy with a balloon gun. and why on earth did we have a hockey stick in our apartment anyway? seriously. who do we know that played hockey?