Friday, May 12, 2006

Questions answered!

I have had several emails asking about several postings in my blog so I thought I would blog the answers. If you haven't asked a question recently or just don't care feel free to stop reading now!

1. No, I have not lost any weight in the last several weeks. I actually think I may have gained a couple of pounds. We have had guests in our home constantly for the past couple of weeks and, of course, I have to feed them. That also means I am eating! And desserts, too! What would a meal with friends be without dessert? Also the stress of trying to get stuff done before we have to leave is probably causing some problems. I told you I am a stress eater! No fears though. I will be back on track starting Monday when things settle down some for at least 2 weeks. Maybe I will be so busy with packing that I will forget about food!

2. Yes, Will was able to keep his haircut for school. Well, that is, until yesterday. He was stopped by the principal and told he needed to shave it. I'm sure the principal didn't even notice it himself but probably heard kids commenting on it. So this afternoon it is bye, bye mohawk. Everyone thought it was cool, and I know the other kids talked about it. He is a little sad but had fun while it lasted.

3. Yes, I am feeling better about coming back to the states now. I think part of me is ready to leave here because things start picking up the week before we leave and stay steady through the summer. If we aren't here we don't have to help. Is that wrong? I am also ready for a break. Sitting by the pool and doing nothing...not worrying about engaging the culture or working on language or feeling guilty because I am not doing that. I won't be too lazy though. I will engage the culture...smile at the people sitting by the pool near me and know that they won't wonder where I'm from, if I speak their language, or care about me at all as long as I give them some personal space. I will work on my language. I am sure there are new slang words in America that I haven't learned yet! And English spoken with any accent other than Turkish might be a struggle for me to understand. Last time we were home the waiter at the Mexican restaurant we went to said something to us and my dad answered him. We had no idea he was even speaking English since it sounded so different to us. I vow to go to Mexican restaurants and listen harder...and since I am there I might as well have some fajitas or a burrito or something.

4. Yes, Brian is available to help coach any sport. As long as he has some knowledge of it he should be fine. He played croquet, soccer, football, and baseball in his backyard growing up so he is an expert at those sports. Basketball, golf, softball...no problem! He also has some knowledge of kickball, bowling, badminton and after the winter olympic game coverage here in Turkey a pretty good handle on curling. Feel free to ask for his help!

Thanks for reading, and keep those questions coming!


Anonymous said...

I have an answer to your question regarding "if we're not here we don't have to help. Is that wrong? Umm-yes! Way to be a team player. We don't won't you to be here to help, anyway, with that attitude.

Natalie said...

Okay...Abby! That anonymous attitude will get you no where!

Anonymous said...