Thursday, May 04, 2006

Whose kid is that?

Some friends of ours hosted a "Friend Day" for the boys last Saturday. The day included soccer in the morning, a spaghetti eating contest for lunch, a picnic in the park, and riding an alpine sleigh ride. The boys were supposed to have crazy hair for the occasion. Will asked if he could get a mohawk on Friday after school and we said he could. He stopped at the barber on the way home from school to get his haircut and then came on home. When he showed up at home he kept hiding his hair behind a notebook. I was interested in seeing his hair but he said he was worried I would be mad. He put the notebook down and his mohawk was blue and red! He thought he might be in trouble because he had the barber hairspray it different colors. I told him that I let him get a mohawk...the hairspray was nothing...it would wash out. He definitely had the craziest hair that day! One of his friends sprayed his hair purple and another one had a buzz on half of his head. We have let Will keep his haircut but he isn't allowed to spike it for school. There is a dress code to follow you know! When it is not spiked it almost looks normal. Jacob didn't want to do anything to his hair so he looked mostly normal. He actually needs a haircut...his sideburns would make Elvis jealous!

Will's new do!


Amy said...

Wow! That is way too cool. The Dixon Adventures are always sooo interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

Will's hair looks cool! I think Brian should follow his lead!! It's good to hear from y'all. We do continue to think and pray for y'all.

Anonymous said...

I wish I were as brave with my haircuts!