Monday, April 03, 2006

Coach Brian

Many of you have heard that Brian is coaching "university football" here in Turkey. Well this rumor is true. A few schools here have football clubs and Brian and another worker here coach at one of them part time. The club was started by the guys wanting to learn American football and they recruited their own coaches. Brian never played football in junior high, high school, or college but he watched quite a bit of it which makes him an expert. The guys sometimes ask him what position he used to play and he gives them one of two answers...
1. in my backyard?
2. second base.
They don't usually have a clue what he means by either answer! I went to a recent game and took a few interesting pictures. Brian's team is the one in black and gold. They are the Cankaya cougars. They are playing the team wearing blue and red.

Notice the player with the black and white socks on. The weather was a little chilly so I guess he decided to wear matching socks and a scarf!!?? while playing the game!

Another picture of the scarf wearing player. I did notice that another guy has on one blue sock and one black sock. I am not sure if these are team issued or not!

Brian is walking over to talk to a couple of guys. They get very emotional and cry when they mess up or when they think someone else thinks they messed up. Brian says it is like watching junior high students play, but his players cry more.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Just wanted to say I loved the comment about the football players crying. Oh, my, Brian, how do you deal with that in adult men?

Natalie, I love the blog. Just had time tonight to view it. Can't wait to hear more about your furlough.

Keep us informed,
M.J. in Ohio

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