Saturday, April 08, 2006

Random sights

The last couple of times we took trips outside the city we had to stop to let sheep cross the street. Here is a picture of a flock with their shepherd. The sheep all had paint splotches on their backs so that the shepherd could tell whose sheep they were. Almost everytime we take a trip we see flocks of sheep up on the hills. They always have a shepherd or two and sometimes the flock includes goats and a dog or two.

This is a picture of Anna Grace (left) and one of her friends wearing as many clothes as they possibly can. You should have seen the mess on Anna Grace's floor after they were done with this game. There were no clothes left in her drawers!

I didn't have a whole post of anything but just wanted to share these pictures with you!


Rebecca said...

Hey Dixons! :) I AM in Houston and we'll definitely have to get together when ya'll come to town. I loved checking out your blog. Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Natalie said...
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