Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Home Sweet, Nice, Normal Home

We have noticed that when people come visit us...whether family or friends...they often are surprised by how nice our house is. It is the run of the mill, ordinary house but most people have in their minds something far less appealing I guess. I have heard these comments from people coming to visit. "This is really nice. Not at all what I expected." "I don't feel sorry for you anymore." "No more care packages from us!" So, in order to not perpetuate the myth that we live in a hole, mud hut, or tent in the desert here are some pictures of our house.

Our living room/dining room combination. Here it is called a salon.

This is a picture of our bedroom. Not the best picture but I was hiding Brian's side of the room with this angle!

The kitchen. Not huge but big enough to cook in and eat in. What more do I need?

I chose not to take pictures of the kids rooms. They weren't exactly company ready. You know...unmade beds, pjs on the floor...you understand!


Johnson Journal said...

Now that I've seen your house I don't have to come and visit! just kidding! Hopefully I will make it one day. Elizabeth

Anonymous said...