Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We'll be home for Christmas!

It's official. We are coming back to the states for Christmas. We arrive on Dec. 15 for a glorious three week stay in Texas. We will be in Houston the majority of that time, but do plan to make a trip to Waco. There have been several people who have requested an audience with us and we will try to accomodate everyone...wow...that sounds so official! We should be at church on December 16 if we make all our flights. We do have a really quick plane change in Munich that could pose a problem, but hey it's an adventure. And nothing could be as bad as the last trip we took to the states for Christmas...missed flights, throwing up kids, and a crazy taxi ride through New York City. A normal trip might even seem boring! I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends and the nice waitstaff at Pappadeaux's!

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Tamara said...

If you're not too booked up, we'd love to see y'all. We're a little limited because I don't have any vacation days left. However, we could drive over Friday evening, Dec. 22, after work (we may both get off early...we'll probably find out that day), and then either meet y'all for late supper or for breakfast on Saturday the 23rd. We'd probably leave Saturday morning after breakfast to head on down to the Valley. Let us know if that's a feasible option for you guys. We know family will be your first priority, so if we don't catch you this time, we'll try to catch you the next!