Monday, October 22, 2007

Dance Fever

Dancing. I've mentioned it in several blogs recently. I love dancing! It comes and goes with me though. Right at this moment I am listening to The Right Stuff by New Kids on the Block and tapping my foot. I'll resist the urge to get up and dance so I can finish this post. I've always loved dancing. In high school I was on the drill team. We were dancers...not cheerleaders. I loved it! Then we moved and I didn't dance for a long time. I went to school dances for the social aspect only. I didn't dance. Now I feel like I missed out! Ok...now Hot Blooded by Foreigner is playing. I don't know how long I will be able to resist! I do find it funny that people are amused or surprised by my wanting to dance. I would love to take some dance lessons. And I imagine that I would love the show Dancing With the Stars in the states. Watching movies that have dancing in them...Dirty Dancing, Shall We Dance, Save the Last Dance...inspire me, move me, make me move! I want to learn how to do those dances...move like that.

A friend who is a new blog reader told me yesterday that she has learned things about the Dixons that she never knew by reading my blog. I guess that would be true. I am an open book on here...for the most part. Take it or leave it.

Getting up now...Mr. Roboto...where's Jacob when I need him?


Anonymous said...

If you come to the States for Christmas I can teach you and Mr. Brian basic salsa and swing. I know a little waltz, but it's not that impressive!


Crystal DeLong said...

New Kids on the Block! I have a whole new love for you Natalie!

Elizabeth said...

I'm not surprised. I remember a retreat where we had a little dancing in Abant! Oh how I wish I had pictures!

Gina said...

My son gets embarrassed if I dance while he's in the car with me, since I can really only move from the waist up!