Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Kids

After 13 posts having to do with some aspect of my trip to France (actually 15 if you count that I mentioned going in 2 others) I decided to dedicate a blog post to my children.

This is Erica, who isn't quite as tall as me, but likes to think she is. This past week while I was in France (I only mention that because it is important to the story!) there was a lice outbreak in our school. Unfortunately Erica was a victim. The wonderful family who was taking care of the girls while Brian and I were both out of town got the great honor of picking through her hair to try to get rid of the nasty critters. I came home to massive amounts of dirty laundry and bedding packed in plastic bags on my balcony. We have been fighting the fight all week long. She was finally allowed to go back to school today after missing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thankfully she was the only one of the kids to get it. I've never had to deal with lice before, and I pray that I never have to deal with it again. It is a big job! And for those of you who have wondered how I've found so much time to blog over the last several days there's your answer. I have been stuck at home doing laundry, vacuuming, and picking at hair. I had to take a break and do something else!

I took videos of the other three so no explanation is needed. I hope I didn't offend anyone with my concentration camp comment in Jacob's video. Brian thought it might not have been in the best taste. Sorry.

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Gina said...

Lice is one thing I've never had to deal with, although Ashley was exposed once, but never had them. I remember washing her hair with "Rid" several times just to be sure! We had a family in our church get them, and they were advised by their doctor to just shave their heads. So they did!