Saturday, October 20, 2007

Movies and games

Today Jacob got to watch the third Lord of the Rings movie. Brian told him that he could watch each movie after he read enough books to equal 400 pages. And last week he finally reached the 1200 page mark. He had to wait until today to be able to see the movie because the other rule is that Brian has to watch the movie with him. Now that he has received the full reward I wonder if he will still be as diligent at reading. We'll see.

The other thing we did today...during a movie break...was play a game. Anna Grace, who is not allowed to see the movie, was begging for someone to play a game with her so we all decided to play the Top 5 game. Today's questions...Name your top 5 favorite movies. Anna Grace's answers...High School Musical 2, High School Musical 1, Phantom of the Opera, Lord of the Rings (which, again, she has never seen), and The Wedding Singer (which she saw once 3 years ago). Jacob's favorite movies were all three Lord of the Rings movies, and Pirates of the Carribean 2 and 3, Brian's answers were Spiderman 2, Lord of the Rings 1 and 3, Pirates of the Carribean 1 and 2. My answers Fried Green Tomatoes, Notting Hill, A Walk to Remember, The Truman Show, and The Wedding Singer. I had too many to choose from and not enough time to decide. We also asked the questions Top 5 favorite foods, and Top 5 hated foods. Jacob had too many that he liked and couldn't think of anything he hated. He said there were things he didn't like, but he would eat them. He didn't hate anything. He did decide that he didn't like beef tongue. He has never had it, and I told him he would probably like it if he tried it. Brian agreed but said he didn't want to taste anything that could taste him back. Anna Grace had no trouble coming up with food she hates and I could only come up with two...bananas and maple flavored anything. Brian said things like onions, but I eat them, and ucuz stroganoff which is beef stroganoff with hamburger meat and rice instead of beef strips and noodles...but again he would eat it. All the food talk made us hungry so we had a snack, and Jacob finished his movie. Nice quiet day at home. Note: Will was at a friend's house and Erica was with friends watching the boys' volleyball team from school play a game. They missed out on the fun.

Another funny thing...tonight Jacob asked if there was anything for dessert. I hadn't planned on anything so Jacob used the following sentence to bribe me. "If you make something for dessert I'll dance with you." I gave him some chocolate candy and we danced to I Don't Feel Like Dancing by Scissor Sisters. Again...fun times!

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