Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brian, funny Brian!

I was cleaning out my email folders when I came across this email from Brian. It was sent to our team here. I thought it was funny so I wanted to share it with you. He was responding to a comment in a friend's email. She said that "I knew I would love you guys, but the fact that I like you too is just gravy." Then she went on to explain that "gravy" meant "icing on the cake". Ok...now here's what Brian said...

Just a point of clarification. Those of you from the South and even some from the pseudo-south (Kentucky is a borderstate.) need to know that the phrase "it's just gravy" is actually a verbal regionalificacious transcendentaliteration of the Californian phrase "That's groovy." The phrase was regionalized to what was more important in the central and southern states. I can't blame it on the southern twang that I myself have developed. Californians tend to to put importance on being cool, calm, and collected. Those from the middle and southern states tend to put a larger emphasis on food stuffs like grits and gravy. Those of you that have been on the team for while know that I've adapted well to the grits and gravy lifestyle myself.
So, what can I say other than I think it's groovy that our team is gravylicious.

Makes me laugh everytime!

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Crystal DeLong said...

Thanks for the laughs! Actually laughed out loud on this one. Hope you are having a good Saturday!