Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The List

Today I randomly decided to see if Brian had any interesting books on his bookshelf in our room. I glanced through much that didn't interest me and then I came across a spiral notebook. This notebook was mostly full of blank pages...something that excites me beyond measure. There was writing on the first three pages which could be easily torn out and disposed of. I glanced over what had been written just in case it was something important. Page one had a grocery list in my handwriting. Page two had some notes on the 5 dysfunctions of a team in Brian's handwriting. And page three had a list. This list baffled me. It was written in my handwriting, but why would I make such a seemingly absurd list. It makes no sense to me. It made me laugh so I thought I would share it with you. And if anyone has any answers to the questions or ideas listed I would love to hear them.

1. Mom always said...
2. New Hip Hop song title
3. What Aunt Jemima said to Mrs. Butterworth
4. What is hidden in Michael Jackson's basement?
5. What's wrong with you people?
6. How did you do that?
7. Where have you been all my life?
8. Describe yourself.
9. Inappropriate name for a sandwich
10. Why I won't bathe
11. How I broke my nose
12. $100 gets you what?
13. What I bought at a garage sale
14. Where in the world IS Carmen Sandiego?
15. Phrases of frustration
16. The ingredients in these cookies

And there you have it. Why on earth would I make such a list? I don't remember making it. I have no idea what any of those things have to do with each other. They sound like the journal topics my 10th grade English teacher wrote on the board, but I can think of enough things to write about these days without having to have a list like that. Please...share your insight and answers!


Anonymous said...

That is a funny/weird list! Some of them sound like they could be icebreaker questions at a party, or like a "get to know you" kind of thing. My answer to the first question is "you better shop around!" :)

Tamara said...

It's funny that you said they sounded like 10th grade journal topics...I was thinking they'd make fun blogging prompts/titles!

Tamara said...

Or maybe they're some of those randomly generated Blogger profile questions!

Sharon said...

I think you were planning on playing "scenes from a hat" like on "Whose line is it anyway?" and these were the catagories.

Natalie said...

I just remembered what the topics were about, but I'll let a few more people guess before I tell. I really don't think anyone will get it though.

Kerri said...

hey! this is great. i wish i found random things like this more often. my answer to "$100 dollars gets you what?" is: bare essentials makeup. yes, a shallow answer, but it's what i'm longing for right now and if i could just get my hands on an extra hundred... sigh. seriously- good stuff. oh, and i promise to share another crazy story soon. and i promise that i will put turkey on my ever-growing "places to visit in the near future" list.

Gina said...

If it makes you feel any better, my kids rooms have looked a LOT worse than that!!

Natalie said...

Ok...here's what the list really was. There was this game online (I know...I know...lame) that was about making up the most creative sentence. With each round a list of words and a topic was given. The idea was to make up a sentence using only words from the list. The group of people I played with a few times played the game with a twist. Whoever got the most points for their sentence got to make up the next topic instead of using the one that came with the words. I found myself drawing a blank when I won, because I hadn't thought through good topics. So this is the list I made for when I did win. It has been at least two years since I played the game, and I honestly can't remember what it was called. It was fun though!