Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy 10th Anniversary

As we contemplate Scott and Mentanna's 10th anniversary today we thought we would share our top 10 favorite memories of Scott and Mentanna. Some of these were shared by all of us and some by some of us. And there are really too many to list just 10 so we've done 5 for Scott and 5 for Mentanna...officially...and then a few more unofficial ones.

5. Smoking Cuban's on Brian's trip to France.
4. Sharing a bed with Scott on the same trip.
3. Scott and Natalie having "the talk" in Houston while Mentanna was out visiting a friend
2. Breaking into the A/V room to get a projector.
1. Scott saying "Whaaaaat's uuuupppp?" to the slave lady at Williamsburg.

5. Women of the west
4. Watching Mentanna mattress surf down the stairs
3. Casting out demons in the middle of the night
2. The recent watching of Mentanna playing tennis on the wii
1. Watching Mentanna freak after I talked to Louie Giglio

There are so many more good memories...meeting at candidate conference and seeing each other for the first time in years, getting to see you guys everyday at MLC...even though we didn't hang out everyday, visiting Paris and making Mentanna look at the photo album she made me all those years ago, spending time with just Scott at Williamsburg and taking a picture of the guys using the outhouse together, comparing Brian's quantity of shots on the golf course with Scott's quality of shots and seeing that Brian gets the better deal, arguing over who has to share a bed with Guy, the whole traveling Europe thing, the $200 phone call, pouring an icee on Mentanna's feet, skipping school and getting caught, Mentanna dressing up as a latin lover to Kristen's spanish dancer, skate keys and misplaced kisses, u l t s w w a t...using letters to say what we are thinking, and I could go on and on! I'll save some memories for the 20th anniversary blog post!

Here's to more good memories and a lifetime of happiness. WE love you guys! Come visit us for Thanksgiving and we'll buy you an anniversary breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, an anniversary lunch at Dominoes, and an anniversary dinner at El Torito!

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Mentanna said...

gee i don't quite know what to say....thanks! we are glad you have so many great memories of us, but then again, how could you not?