Monday, October 15, 2007

My day

I have decided to stop drinking diet coke. This isn't the first time I've given it up. I decide to stop drinking it about once a year and usually quit for a month or so. I get to the point where they don't even taste that good to me anymore. Then I go to dinner and have one here and there and before I realize it I am, once again, drinking one or more everyday. I'm not sure how long I'll give it up this time. We'll just have to see what happens.

It's cold today. 54 degrees...which isn't too cold, but it's also dark and rainy. It makes me want to snuggle up with a blanket on my couch and watch movies all day. After a few chores I may do that. There are several movies that I have been wanting to see again. Our dvd player was being choosy in the movies it would play so we decided it was time for a new one. Now my choices for cold weather, snuggle time are endless!

I have a slight headache today. I figure it is a result of the lack of caffeine and the gloomy weather. Another good reason to confine myself to my house for the day.

And finally...this is the first day I have been alone since I've been back from France. I got home a week ago and between lice and the end of the Ramadan holiday my house has had someone in it at all times. And now Brian is at work, the kids are all at school, and I have nothing on my calendar. Ahhhhhh.....


Sharon said...

You're a stronger woman than me. It's 6:30 here and I have to leave at 7:15 with 3 kids in tow for a dr. appt. You can bet that I'm have at least one Diet Dr. Pepper before I leave the house and probably another one for the road!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mrs. Natalie, you're my hero! haha


Natalie said...

Well I have to say that I haven't had diet coke for 3 1/2 days now. I didn't say anything about it on day one just in case I couldn't handle it and gave up. Now that it's been a few days I think I am going to be fine....no problem.

Anonymous said...

A day alone sounds heavenly! I have one at home today with impetigo in a lovely set of scrapes she got last weekend. The other is at school with a broken thumb! It's been quite exciting around here recently and I'm ready for it to slow down so I can be home alone with nothing on my calendar--I'm jealous:)