Monday, October 15, 2007


A conversation between Jacob and myself that took place on Saturday morning.

Jacob: Mom, what are we having for breakfast.

Me: How about cereal? Have you ever had that before?

Jacob: No, what is it?

Me: Let me show you.

At this point I proceeded to open the cabinet where the cereal is kept and tell him about the different kinds of cereal to be had. I walked away as he got his bowl and spoon and began pouring himself a bowl of cereal. A few minutes later this is how the conversation ended.

Me: Jacob, what are you doing? (asked because he was carrying his bowl of cereal into the living room)

Jacob: Trying that stuff you called cereal. (said in somewhat of an exasperated tone)

I laughed and let him eat in the living room...at the table of course!

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Gina said...

Kind of like when my son says, "mom, can you buy some cheese?" and I say, "we have cheese". And he says, 'where?', and I say, "right there on the shelf." Yeah, THAT same conversation happens ALL the time.