Thursday, October 25, 2007


After telling Anna Grace to clean her room more times than I can count this is what I saw when I peaked in. She said she cleaned half of it and was taking a break. I'm pretty sure she hadn't done anything by this point! Mentanna...this is the picture I took when we were on the phone!

We had a get together and I had to take a picture of us girls because we were so color coordinated. Brian said we looked like a praise team!

Of course the guys had to break out the wii!

Lunch with Mike and Mary. Notice our Turkish cay (tea). Yummy!

Brian, Mike, and Mary all got this dish. It's called beyti. Basically it's a long meatball wrapped in a tortilla and covered with tomato sauce. This restaurant also puts a little cheese and some pistachios on top. I have to say it the best beyti I've ever had...almost a little Italian flavored. I didn't order it this time...I just had cheese pide which is basically cheese pizza with no tomato sauce. It was also good, but makes for a boring picture!


Gina said...

I really want a WII!!! Perhaps for Christmas....

Anonymous said...

you've lost weight! looks good!

Natalie said...

Yes, t, I've lost about 10 pounds in recent weeks. I have a few more to lose before I can come back for Christmas. I figure if I lose some now eating at Pappadeaux's everyday when I'm in town will be ok!

Sharon said...

Definitely lookin' good! Anna Grace's room looks pretty good compared to Katie's. At least you can see part of the floor and bed.