Monday, October 29, 2007

October 27

I know, I know...it's not October 27. I just wanted to share with you what October 27th means to me. It's not my birthday. It's not one of my kids' birthdays. It isn't a day filled with big celebrations. I don't even remember my first October 27th, but the first one is what makes the day significant. I actually don't remember any of the October 27ths before I was an adult. I'm sure they were mentioned, but I guess I didn't see the significance in them at the time. What is so important about October 27th? It was the day my parents got the call that they could come and pick me up from the adoption agency. That's right...I am adopted. My mom got the call in the morning and then she called my dad at work. They picked me up later that day. October 27 was my first day as Natalie Frances Owen. My first day of life was August 4th so by October 27th I wasn't a newborn anymore. The adoption agency/baby home where I lived for my first 2 months and 23 days of life called me Anna. That name was chosen by my birth mother. She was 17 and unmarried. She chose to have me at a christian center and give me up for adoption. I am so thankful she made that choice. Abortion was illegal at the time so my odds for being born were pretty good. Every year my dad calls me on October 27 to tell me how much he loves me. The conversation is the same every year.
Dad: Do you know what today is?
Me: Yes, I thought about it earlier...or...Oh, yeah. I hadn't realized it was today.
Dad: (this year) 38 years ago today we brought you home.
Me: I know. I'm getting old!
Dad: Well, think about how old I am.
And then he tells me about how he and Mom talked about me at breakfast. It's so sweet. This year when the phone rang Erica answered it. While she was talking I told the other kids why Papa was calling. Anna Grace said "awww, it's your adoption day." I told her that I was pretty lucky. Not everyone gets to have an adoption day.


Tamara said...

Happy belated adoption day!

And we're almost birthday twins...I didn't know that! My birthday is the 5th!

Lovin' Anna Grace's new do, too.

Rebecca said...

Wow! That's super fun! Hope you're Adoption Day was fabulous! I don't have an adoption day, but I do have a heart surgery anniversary day which is July 25th - just another one of those special days like yours to remember God's faithfulness. :)

becky marshall said...

that's about the sweetest thing i've ever heard. your dad must be the absolute greates! thanks for sharing.

Sra said...

Happy adoption day!

Melanie said...

What a lovely story and wonderful thing to celebrate. Happy adoption day.

Anonymous said...

happy happy october 27! see, you are special ~ everyone has a birthday, but not everyone has an adoption day!

Natalie said...

sra - thanks!

reluctant housewife - thanks...it is a great thing to remember.

friyet - i know! i feel extra lucky!