Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today I was busy. There were things that needed to be done. I didn't want to do them. What I wanted to do was write. I was overwhelmed with the desire to write. No...not desire. Need. I needed to write. It was an urgent need. And I couldn't. There wasn't time. Words came to me in my time of urgency...words filled my mind...exhilarating, powerful, rushing, abounding, full, satiated, amazing. All things I felt with no outlet. I know...satiated means satisfied to the fullest extent. My mind was feeling that way, but I was also frustrated. I could do nothing about it. Most of you know I love words. I love to look up words...understand the definition for things. And when I can't quite find the word to say what I am thinking a definition of a word works. I have tried to think of one word to express my thoughts of late. I cannot do so. I cannot come up with one word to say exhilarating, powerful, rushing, abounding, full, satiated, amazing. There is no word. I will keep thinking on it. And when I find it, it will be all-encompassing. And not only will I feel it, I will know it.


Anonymous said...

I believe you are experiencing what all great writers experience at least a few times in life.

Without the frustration, there is no appreciation for the satisfaction. In all things there is balance, and you will find it. Some days I want to live in a cave with my computer so I can satisfy the "need to write." Other days, I need the chaos of life to give me pause so I recognize the need to write.

I want to know if you find the word.

HeyJoe said...

I too understand that feeling; that need. There are times when the need is there but the ability is not, the feeling that the ability to CREATE with words has vanished. At these times I truly feel what can only be described as a black hopelessness coupled with fear that it may never return.

And then the theme song from
some dumb ass sitcom from 1977 will pop into my head and I’m off and running again and all is right with the world. Until…

the curtain falls again…

So did you think of that word yet? Fulfilled? Hunger? ravenousness?

Natalie said...

witty - i appreciate your comment. of course i knew you would understand, and with as chaotic as your life has been of late you are doing a great job writing!

heyjoe - awww. you got all serious on me. i didn't know you were scared of anything!

still word searching!

Unknown said...

I am new here, but glad to read something about the meaning of words.

Being out of the states myself, I always interested in how things are?

Where you live, is there turmoil? Are things safe?

One comment covering a number of your posts. Hope that is OK?

Natalie said...

jen - i can't tell you how excited i am that you commented on my blog! so happy about that. ok...to answer your questions...i love learning about different countries...i'm sure you have stories about australia you could tell...i've heard a few already! there is turmoil...but we pretty much miss it all. most of the turmoil is in the east close to iraq. we live quite a ways away from that thank goodness. we are safe. ok...i think i answered everything. feel free to ask anything anytime! and welcome to my blog!