Friday, March 28, 2008

i'm in texas...finally!

made it to houston. i am tired. i have stories. i can't think well enough to tell them at this point. i ate shrimp for dinner. yum!

ok...i can't just leave you with that. i just need to think...hmm...nothing.

i have a cold. i started feeling it on tuesday. can i just say that riding on an airplane when you already aren't feeling great doesn't make you feel better? the dry air made my cold turn into a cold with a cough. fun times.

ok...that is it for today. sorry for such a boring blog post. more to come.


Anonymous said...

You are never boring, even when you are very boring! ;>) Glad to hear you landed safely, keep us posted. Lots of prayers still going your way.

Natalie said...

witty - i will try to be as boring as i can be today, and we'll see if you change your mind! you may be ready to go home as soon as lunch is over.

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you Natalie. Get well soon, hate the air in the planes! nese

Sharon said...

Enjoy your precious time with your family even though it's not under the best circumstances. Brian will have a new appreciation for you when you get back!

Mike S said...

Glad you made it safely. Enjoy what you can of the visit. I agree, Brian will be uncontrolably joyous on your return:)

Natalie said...

nese - i will try to stop by and see you while i am here!

sharon - thanks! brian is taking the kids on a trip while i am gone...should be fun and interesting!

mike - thanks! i'm sure the kids will be happy to see me too!