Sunday, March 23, 2008

Typical day at church.

This morning at church Brian was playing security guard at the upstairs door which is usually left closed and locked. They opened it this morning to try to get a breeze flowing through the building because it was stifling hot in there. I decided to sit upstairs with him. He decided to take videos.

He stopped this video after 7 seconds, and I continued to tell him about my dream.

A few seconds later he started it again. Remember we were in church...we were whispering. Transcript of the video...

Natalie: Something unintelligible then...um, I can't continue my dream on camera. I don't want people to think I'm dreaming about them.
Brian: No, no that would be wrong.
Natalie: That would be wrong.
Brian: But you do look like a supermodel.
Natalie: Well, I try.
Brian: With the wind blowing through your hair.
Natalie: Yeah, I try. My, um, clothes don't quite go with supermodel.
Brian: The clothes don't make the supermodel. The supermodel makes the clothes.
Natalie: Well then, sign me up!

Ok...so it wasn't exactly typical. Typically we don't sit around and take videos of the wind whipping through my hair. Typically we sit and listen and pray. Typically.


Anonymous said...

I think this is one of the best videos of the two of you. Thanks for the glimpse of a very cool couple!

Brian, you need to video tape her more often...

Crystal DeLong said...

very cute! that brian, he's a keeper!

Mike S said...

What a charmer you are. Supermodel is a pretty apt description. Think you & your family are all winners in that respect. It'd be hard to be as beautiful on the outside as I imagine you being on the inside.
Must be nice to feel the breeze to cool off. It's 10F\-12C here and sunny. But we have a 25mph\40kph steady breeze with gusts to 52mph\80kph. Calmed down a lot from the winds of yesterday, Thur, & Fri. Snow forcast for later in the week. 184.5"\4.7m so far this winter. Looking forward to more pics:)

Gina said...

I thought the wind blowing through your hair made you look REALLY young. Well, you're young anyways, but that made you look REALLY young. When the wind blows through my hair it just looks messy.

HeyJoe said...

why are you video taping at church? It was cute though.

Natalie said...

witty - thanks. it was funny for sure!

crystal - i know he is!

mike - you are too sweet. and your weather just makes me shiver. it is 75F here today, and i am so glad! finally some spring weather!

gina - believe me...running the brush through my hair when i got home was not a fun task. extreme tangles for sure.

heyjoe - i know...we are bad. but i have my camera with me pretty much everywhere i go so brian wanted to show me my supermodel look. if we had been downstairs in the worship service we wouldn't have been taking videos...i promise. we were guarding a door upstairs by the bathrooms so nobody paid any attention to us really. and really...we were looking tough...nobody even tried to sneak in our door.

HeyJoe said...

But someone walked past during the "shoot." She's a witness and must be silenced.

I'm not judging. Most folks won't even bother going to church so film away.

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Mike S is always right.

And, I agree - supermodel definitely. Lucky, lucky Brian.

Natalie said...

heyjoe - well...i don't recognize her...so i think she is safe. maybe she was a visitor!

hahn - well...i don't argue with mike! and thanks!