Thursday, March 06, 2008

Where am I?

I'm sitting in a cafe in Istanbul, Turkey, but it really doesn't feel like that is where I am. I've just eaten the most glorious cheese steak sandwich I think I have ever had. We have over an hour before we have to catch the bus for the airport. The bus stop is just down the street, and it is quite windy here so we've elected to sit in the cafe. They have free internet. Brian and I both have our computers out on the table surfing the sites.

And the music...well...the music is taking me back. At first they had stuff I didn't even recognize. Then after a bit they changed the station...or the tape. I wonder if they did it for us. We were the only people in the restaurant when the music changed. I've sung along to Total Eclipse of the Heart (originally by Bonnie Tyler but this was a boyband version), Babe by Styx, Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx, and Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word...but not Elton John's version. Now there are Turks in the place. I wonder if they will change the music. I hope not.


Anonymous said...

Free internet, a great cheese steak sandwich, a handsome husband sitting across from you and music you can sing along to... you are having a great day!

This is a music week on blogger! Where is the video of you singing along? Brian, help us out here!

Mike S said...

I LOVE cheese steak sandwiches!! When you have time, could you mail me at treebuggy@yahoo.com? I've something to ask/offer you. Also, I never tire of good photos of anything:)

Natalie said...

witty - um...no way on earth will there be a video of me singing along. nope. it will never happen.

mike - yes...me too! i love them. email...on it's way!

HeyJoe said...

Mmmmm, cheesesteak; natures perfect food substance.

So to what music do the Turks shake their collective groove thang? And Babe is about the only song on that list that I'll admit to sort of liking. Don't ask me why though. OK it's because Dennis DeYoung rocks my world.

There, I said it.

Natalie said...

heyjoe - well this cheesesteak was a little froufrou i must admit. there was spinach and mushrooms, but no onions. and some special sauce. and of course steak and cheese. it was probably the best sandwich i have ever eaten in turkey.

turkish music. hmmm... how about this?

dennis deyoung...kilroy...ahhh...the memories...

Gina said...

You know, I hear songs while I'm shopping and I'll think..."wow..hadn't heard that song in a while; I'd like to have that on my Zune player"...then I never find out what the song was. That just BUGS me!!

Natalie said...

when we first moved to turkey i was shopping in a grocery store and heard def leppard. i must admit it made my grocery store experience so much better. i didn't know much about how to buy stuff in turkey, but at least the music was familiar!