Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Some color

After a long gray winter in Ankara it was so nice to be outside in the warm sunny weather. Well...it wasn't warm. But it wasn't cold...so that's something. I only wore two shirts...no jacket! Another thing that made me smile was all the flowers. I needed to see them. Needed to! So pretty and colorful. Brightened my spirits for sure.

Some cloth, pillows and purses hanging in front of a shop. More color to make me smile.

And then there were the original corn stands. Look how colorful they are! They have had these all the time we've lived in Turkey. They sell boiled corn (on the left), roasted chestnuts (looks like rocks, in the middle), and roasted corn (on the right side). I had almost forgotten about them since my love affair with the cup-o-corn started. (I must say the cup-o-corn is better. Corn on the cob here is more like what we would call feed corn in the states. Not as sweet and definitely tougher. Still good...but different.)


Anonymous said...

Color is supposed to bring joy to your heart, that is why there are so many different colors.

I am glad you had some color today. Gloomy winter days are not joyful for me. I think Austin will be pretty green and colorful most of the year (fingers crossed).

Natalie said...

witty - yep...i do love color. and i think you're right about austin. nice sunny colorful days most of the year. that is one of my favorite things about going back to texas to visit. i can always count on the sun.