Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things I am Thinking About

Fun Dip. I love this stuff. It is FUN!!

These just aren't the same in Turkey. Would you look at how yummy that looks?

Cafeteria pizza even looks good to me right now.

And, well, what can I say about this one? I am thinking about it...I am! And I think I would drive through state after state in search of a Krispy Kreme with the hot light on.

And not for a hot doughnut...more for the conversation and company of the one driving with me.


Sharon said...

I don't think I'll ever understand your love of filet-of-fish, maybe if they didn't bathe it in tartar sauce. I haven't had breakfast yet and somehow have lost my appetite. :)

HeyJoe said...

Fun Dip, with the edible candy "dip-stick." I could only eat a little. Way too much sugar for me, even as a kid.

If not for your comments I never would have guessed that was pizza.

I've noticed several Krispy Kreme places have closed down. Perhaps the craze has died. On the plus side, you can probably get a great deal on the day olds.

Mmmm, McDonald's. Far too long have I been separated from my luscious Royal w/cheese.

I think I wrote more in my comments than your entire post.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine that the person you are riding around looking for HOT Krispy Kreme doughnuts with, would feel pretty special.

From what I know of you, I can say, the conversation and the company would be interesting! Would you include some coffee and picture taking time on a trip like that?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts this morning... and here I was about to quote Homer Simpson, but I will refrain.

Kyra said...

I got sick off of fun dip once. That about did it for me on the stuff. But you know... that pizza doesn't look too bad to me either. ;)

Natalie said...

sharon - i know. i don't ever crave the filet of fish when i am in america. i think it has a lot to do with the fact that i can't get it here! well...they have it, but it just isn't the same. i will probably have one at some point when i go back and then not have another one for a long long time!

heyjoe - yes you did write more than me. i was not feeling so great so i went for quality not quantity. and that post was full of quality.

witty - of course they would feel special, because who wouldn't want to drive through state after state with me looking for hot doughnuts? i mean really!

savy - thanks for the visit! and i agree...i always liked cafeteria pizza when i was in school. but that was a long time ago...it may not be as good now. i never was served a pretzel with mustard though. not once! i feel as though i missed out.