Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i need to write a blog post
but what do i want to say?
i thought about maybe the past
but it's over - let's keep it that way.

i thought about maybe the present
but nothing happened today.
i thought about maybe the future
because come what may...

ok...i will stop with the pathetic poetry and just come out and say it. we have decided that we are going to take an extended trip to the states at the end of november. as of now our plan is to stay 7 months in the houston area. there. it is out there. i expect questions from many people. email me if you aren't sure you can ask your question on this blog. i will be happy to email you back!


Anonymous said...

The poetry was NOT that bad.... I actually really, really, really, really liked it! {laughing}

The poetry was good for off the cuff!

I am sure coming back for some food will do you good!

Unknown said...

It's because of me, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome! We need friends over here! Well actually... what I want to say is...

HeyJoe said...

Can we be honest, you and I? The poetry WAS bad. But you're working at it and that's what's important.

We will welcome you back to the states w/open arms.

Natalie said...

witty - as always you are a biased person when it comes to me. the poetry...well...it shouldn't even have been called poetry!

alexander - you are leaving before we do...it's because we will miss you. we won't be able to go on without you here. we will have to go back to get ourselves together.

nese - i know. i am looking forward to it. we can have we miss turkey parties together!

heyjoe - i know. i have never claimed to be a poet. thank goodness i don't need to rely on it to pay the rent!

Mike S said...

I trust you'll continue to share a bit of yourself with us while there:)

Natalie said...

mike - i can't not share a bit of myself. i am addicted to it! the cultural stories and pictures might be different though. but you know what they say about texas...it's like a whole other country! i'm sure there will be plenty to share!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Have a great time in Houston! And, hey, take it easy on the filet-o-fish and pizza, okay?

Natalie said...

hahn - i will. it is a long way away still...8 months. and yes, i am counting!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to y'all coming back for a while:) I got a call from another friend this morning that is moving back to Houston soon as well. It will be good to have good friends back!

Natalie said...

cheri - ok...i am a little confused. which cheri are you? cheri h. or cheri c. usually i can tell from the comment who it is...but this time i can't! either way i'm glad you're happy to have us back for a bit. no matter which cheri you are!