Friday, March 07, 2008

I wasn't very smart.

Ok...so I did something stupid. I didn't realize it was stupid until after I did it. Sometimes I do stupid things even though I know they are stupid before I ever do them. But not this time. I should have known, but I just didn't think about it. Ok...my stupid confession...I wore shoes to Istanbul that weren't great for walking all day long. The shoes are comfortable, slip-ons, and normally don't ever bother my feet. But they weren't walking on uneven cobblestone streets all day long carrying a backpack with a laptop, purse, camera case, and water bottle with you shoes. I think I would have been fine if I only had to carry me, but since we had to cart everything we brought with us everywhere we went I should have know better. So now my feet are sore, but even worse is my back. It felt funny this morning so I thought I would take some Tylenol and lay down for a bit. Now I can barely move. I need some strong muscle relaxants or a massage! And I'm not talking about a Turkish massage where you have some man rub you down. I've seen those guys, and I think I would be even more tense than I am now if I had to let one of them touch me!

Which reminds me of something else I should confess. I have lived in Turkey for 6 years, but have never been to a Turkish bath. And I don't plan on ever going to one. I know...Elizabeth...you are ashamed! But I don't do naked...or even partially clothed in large rooms of people. Or even small rooms of people. The thought of it doesn't appeal to me at all. So there.


Anonymous said...

I think it should be: "But they weren't walking-on-uneven-cobblestone-streets-all-day-long-carrying-a-backpack-with-a-laptop,-purse,-camera case,-and-water-bottle-with-you shoes."

Everything else is too easy to make comments about. And yet, I can't refrain.

Brian (speaking of himself in the third person) would probably be willing to give you a massage... or simply put a gray river rock in the middle of your back. Whatever that's supposed to do.

HeyJoe said...

Sucks kid. What can I say?

As much as I'm a fan of massages in general, a Turkish Massage does not sound appealing in the least, particularly if administered by one of "those guys." and all "those guys" implies.

Exactly what takes place at a Turkish bath? What is the process/procedure/etiquette?

Enlighten me please

Mike S said...

I used to love the public 'hot baths' in Japan, especially after a long day of walking. I did, however, experience one of my more embarrassing Japan moments in one. I learned that, unless you want the bath house 'Mama-san' to physically scoop your naked body from the bath, DO NOT drink anything alcoholic before bathing!! Seems the combination of very hot water and E2OH causes EXTREME relaxation.
Invest in some great hiking boots or 'sneakers' for those foot-torturing expeditions.

Natalie said...

anon...or...uh...brian - thanks. i'll be taking you up on that massage.

heyjoe - a post about turkish baths has been posted just for you!

mike - yeah...i have good shoes...i just didn't want to look so much like a tourist. which now that i think about it is stupid. i was carrying a backpack, bag, and camera case with me. how much more touristy can you get? my shoes weren't going to give me away that's for sure!