Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Village of Kalecik

Brian and Adam went on a little day trip a few days ago. Here are some pictures of their excursion.

The village of Kalecik as seen from the castle. They are known for wine making with a history going back to the Hittites and even earlier.

The castle as seen from the village. It is an ancient Roman ruin currently being restored.

An old bridge...restored in 1987.

The minaret in the center of the picture is a mosque.

Adam checking to see if a train is coming.


Anonymous said...

Very cool pictures! I am enjoying the geography and history lessons!!!

Mimi Lenox said...

Your message bottle is now afloat in the vast blogosphere ocean. You are Message In a Bottle #56.
Feel free to toss in a bottle whenever you feel the urge to send a message. The blog ocean is always open. You never know what might wash ashore.

Message In a Bottle #56

Natalie said...

witty - thanks. i feel it is my duty to put a little turkish history and culture on here. i mean since i live here and all. it would be wrong of me not to.

Gina said...

The train track picture made me nervous...my nightmare would be I would get stuck in between the railroad ties..and then a train would come. Otherwise...great pictures!!

Natalie said...

gina - it kinda made me nervous too...but i figured they were boys out being boys...and i was nowhere around...thank goodness!