Monday, March 03, 2008

Will's new notebook

Will needed a couple of new notebooks for school. Brian went to the store today and picked up said notebooks. The following notebook is one that he purchased for our 12 year old son.

Shake your booty.
Get down-n-get groovy.
Check this out.
Can you play that, white boy?
Move it or lose it, honey.

I have to wonder what the Turks think this notebook says. English is taught in schools here, but most kids wouldn't have a clue what this says. Their English would be more along the lines of "what is your name?" and "where are you from?" They would probably understand both of the words in the phrase "white boy". I can't imagine what they think when they read those words. Both white and boy are words in their vocabulary lists for English class. Many English speaking adults wouldn't know words like funk, booty, or groovy much less the phrases "get down" or "move it or lose it". And honey...well of course they know what that is. It's what bees produce...translated into Turkish it would be bal. What must they be thinking? A picture of a guitar with words that say something about a white boy who must like honey.


Q said...

Best. Notebook. Ever.

Bteacher99 said...

At least it is somewhat grammatically correct. There are four true sentences there, which is more than I can say for other "cool" covers I've seen.

P.S. I deleted the first comment I typed because of a typo, and teachers aren't allowed to make typos!

HeyJoe said...

"Comment deleted This post has been removed by the author."

I didn't even POST a comment Irv. Seriously.

Natalie said...

q - brian agreed. he had to get it. even though will specifically asked for sports notebooks brian had to get this one. will loved it of course. and his teacher is the ms. morton commenter under you so evidently it will be ok for school!

ms. morton - i find it amusing that you are ms. morton this time. how many blogger id's do you have? i agree...it is better than some. at least it makes sense. that says something!

heyjoe - i know...i know. you aren't the only one who gets deleted. well...you are the only one i've deleted. but you are behaving yourself quite nicely i must say!

Pro Ecclesia said...

"The only music worth being called music. I'm talking 'bout the funk."

~ Dizzy Gillespie Harrison
(The New Guy)

Theresa said...

Dang. I'm laughing so hard there's pee coming out of my eyes.

Gina said...

"Play that funky music, white boy!"

Natalie said...

jay - i had to google the new guy because i had no idea what you were talking about. now brian wants to see that movie.

theresa - i know...i giggle just thinking about how ridiculous this notebook really is.

gina - my thoughts exactly.

becky marshall said...

I'm just thinking you probably shouldn't ever send Brian to the store again.

Natalie said...

becky - well...you're probably right. but we did all get a good laugh over it!