Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And we have a winner...

The time has come to announce the winner in my ever so popular "Giving Away a Piece of Turkey" contest. There were over seventy ideas presented in the 53 comments. Well, there were 56 comments, but since three of them were mine I'm not counting those! (oh...and i usually comment back to all who leave comments on my blog. i chose not to on this post unless someone asked a question. i didn't want to give away who might be in the lead to win the bowls. so to all my new readers be sure to check back for comments from me on any other post you've left comments on. ok...now to proceed with the contest news!)

This was hard. There were many, many good ideas. So many that I now need to go buy eleventy hundred of these bowls so I can put your ideas into practice. There were many stand-out ideas. But the one that made me laugh AND was actually plausible belonged to a relatively new blogger named (insert drum roll here)

Black Hockey Jesus

Here is what he had to say about the bowls.

Natalie. I am a juggling fool. So what I would do is I would put those 4 bowls on a specially made juggling shelf. And in each bowl I would put a golden juggling ball. So when people asked "What are those?", I would say, "Those are Turkish juggling ball holders." and I'd grab them & juggle.

I'm not sure why I found this to be so amusing, but I did. So congratulations Black Hockey Jesus! The bowls are all yours!

Now here is where I must point out some of the other contestants who had great ideas! Since some of the idea comments were quite long I am not going to put them all here. I urge you to go read them for yourself. I promise you will get good ideas for bowl usage and then you will have to run out to the store and try to find some little bowls that won't be nearly as pretty but will still work.

The Over-Thinker had a great idea of using the bowls with food she doesn't like. Like a child she will eat to the bottom just to see the pretty picture. But she said it way better than that!

Literal Dan's wife said that she would show the bowls to her students and tell them about the fabulous trip she took to Turkey this summer to trick them into wanting to learn more about the country!

SP said she would train her dog to carry one filled with chocolate around on his head so she could have her chocolate fix everyday. AND she even sent a picture!

iwillbloom said she would try to make the Pioneer Woman jealous with her pics of the bowls so that maybe they would become BFF. Hilarious!

~m said that she would use them to collect dust bunnies on her shelves. Really...this is actually what they would do if I owned them! Quite a practical use for them!

Hahn at Home said she would become famous by learning to spin them on sticks. Cracked me up!

A Mom Two Boys said something quite hilarious as well, but I am going to send you to the comment section to read it for yourself. Really...

and finally the famous Bossy had both a practical idea and one that Brian was quite fond of. Again..go read the comments to find out.

Ok folks...that's it. Thanks for playing! Your ideas were all fabulous!


HeyJoe said...

Black Hockey Jesus?

I need to know the story about that name.

Carolynn Anctil said...

I read that suggestion and thought it was great too! One question though - is he planning on juggling the gold balls or the bowls? If it's the latter, I hope he's good at what he does!

Congragulations BHJ!

Anonymous said...

Great contest Nat!

Congrats to the winner!!

I want to see video of when he gets the package and opens it! Then I want to see juggling video!!

Natalie said...

heyjoe - i have a sneaking suspicion you will love him!

carolynn - i have no idea what he will do. hopefully he just juggles the balls!

charlie girl - i'm sure i'll do more contests at some point in the future. it was too much fun not to!

LiteralDan said...

Curse you, Black Hockey Jesus! Always (as of the past couple weeks), one step ahead of me in every way. Or in this case, my wife.

Now she'll have to just expand the shameless ruse by going over to Pottery Barn and finding something exotic looking with which to make do.

Thanks for the opportunity, though-- this was a cool contest!

(As a side note to make this comment even longer: you obviously have even more lurkers on your blog than I do, based on the number of comments in the contest post vs. other posts.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun contest! But I'm kind of bummed that I won't be able to add YET MORE dust bunny collector sets to my already quite-prodigious colletion.

Natalie said...

literal dan - i know! that black hockey jesus just started blogging and he is so popular! how did he do that?

i don't think most of those people were here before the contest. anytime i left a comment on a blog post over the weekend i pimped my contest as well. i basically sold myself for more participants. i have no idea how many of them will stay!

~m - i know. i did love your idea! seemed so realistic!