Friday, June 20, 2008

The Kuafor

Today Anna Grace and I decided to get our hairs cut. Or hair cuts. Whatever. We went to a my favorite kuafor. He actually does what I want. I say I just want the ends cut off, and he just cuts the ends off. Today I told him that I wanted the dead ends cut off. I was seeing breakage in some places, and I hate split ends and breakage with a passion.

The nice man examined my hair and said that he needed to cut off an inch to get all the dry stuff off. I knew that it would probably end up being more than an inch, but I was serious about getting the dead ends off!

I had already washed my hair so all he had to do was spray it to get it wet.

Then he started to cut it. Notice the lady in the background of this picture. She got her haircut before I did. After they were done she commented that they went so fast. They told her she was welcome to stay and sit awhile. And she did. She was enjoying her time at the kuafor I guess.

AG took about eleventy billion pictures of me getting my haircut. The lady is still enjoying her visit.

I am looking at the lady trying to figure out why she doesn't leave. Seriously. I hate getting my haircut and am out of there as soon as I possibly can be. She kept looking at herself in the mirror. Primping. Putting on lipstick. Talking on her cell phone. She even drank a cup of tea. Seriously.

The grand finale. Notice how long my hair is in the first two pictures. I am glad to have the dead ends off, but I think I liked it longer better. Hopefully I won't have to get it cut again for a long time!

And just for fun here is a little video of the lady in the pictures having her hair done. They have finished cutting and drying her hair. Now they are styling it. Two people are required for this job. They don't use a curling iron when they style hair here. They use a round brush and a hairdryer. Watch carefully. I have always found it interesting and usually choose to walk out with my hair wet and style it myself at home. Something about people crowding around me and messing with my hair just doesn't appeal to me.


Anonymous said...

I think he did a great job - it's cute and it still looks long.

Brittany said...

Your hair(s) looks so cute!!!

And, why don't they use curling irons?

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, i loved that you included the bit about the two person job of blowing out ones hair! when i was in turkey my sis and i got our hair done for her wedding and i have really long and thick hair and they spent about 2 hours simply blowing out my hair! ahh. good memories.
and your hair looks great that length.

Jennifer S said...

Your hair looks great!

Definitely weird that the other lady just sat there.

HeyJoe said...

Looks good. Frames your face nicely. No, I'm not gay.

Anonymous said...

IT looks GREAT as in G-R-E-A-T!!

I am in Chicago, heading back to Austin around noon tomorrow. It has been a long day, so thanks for a cute blog to end my day!

Sandi Keene said...

I like your haircut as well. Thank you for stopping in at my blog.
And commenting!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You look hot!

I desperately need a hair cut.

Kristina said...

Oh my goodness... I was cracking up at that. I hate it when people just sit there like they have nothing to do but you know that they are watching you and they should have been gone a long time ago. So annoying!!! Seriously, does she think that she owns the store enough that she can just sit there and primp and drink a cup of tea!!! What about others who might need to be sitting in that chair. Ok, I can see I've said too much. I will simmer down now.

Natalie said...

citizen of the world - thanks! i can tell a difference in the length for sure. but you're right...it is still long. and thankfully hair grows!

brittany - thanks! they just don't really have them here. they have these tiny barrel ones, but they cost a fortune. i buy mine from conair since they are dual voltage. works well!

peachy - i am glad you liked it. it is a crazy thing. i don't know if i could have handled sitting in the chair for 2 hours! i have friends who love to have their hair done, but these friends also like to go to turkish baths!

jennifer - thanks. it was a strange thing. i guess she was enjoying the break from life.

heyjoe - thanks. you are funny.

charlie girl - i'm glad you like it. it feels pretty short to me, but at least the dead stuff is gone!

sandi - thanks for the thank you visit! and the bookmarks are adorable!

jenny, the bloggess - wow! you think i look hot! now i really want to be your friend!

kristina - i know that lady was interested in watching us. i was speaking english to anna grace. but i don't think anyone was waiting to have their hair done. it was all so strange to me. i would never do that!

Gina said...

I think it looks nice as well (Anna Grace too!!) but that lady in the video is holding her head like she's in pain! I'll have to send this to my brother-in-law since he is a stylist. I think he will get a kick out of it taking 2 people to dry and style!!

Mentanna said...

ok, so my question is...if it takes two people to style your hair, how in the world do they think that you are going to be able to duplicate that at home, alone? seriously, are you supposed to ask for brian's help when you style your hair? let's hope not. sorry, it is a pet peeve... you go to the coiffeur, get a cute new cut or style and then are completely incapable or replicating it at home. i think they do that to us on purpose...to demonstrate their total dominance over us in all things hair....

Natalie said...

gina - i know. that lady was quite verbal with what she wanted for sure!

mentanna - i agree. i have only had them fix my hair a few times. i can't stand the hovering. and thankfully for those who enjoy it it is a cheap thing to do on a regular basis. i know many people who go once a week to have their hair done...just styled. it only costs about $10. i would never pay that though!

cruisin-mom said...

Natalie, it's so cute...doesn't need to grow...it's a perfect length...in a week you'll love it!

Jeff and Erin said...

I'll never forget my first time to the Kuafor. Not only did they not do anything close to what I asked for - which couldn't be blamed on my Turkish b/c I had a friend to help me translate - but, I ended up with a mullet of some kind and had never seen so many men all 'working' at the same time. I never got my hair cut in Turkey again... =)

Natalie said...

cruisin-mom - i do like it, but you're right i have to get used to it! thanks!

erinleigh - i totally get what you are saying. it is why i hate having my haircut here! i did end up with a haircut almost exactly like brian's once. good times!