Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another plug for my favorite restaurant in town!

You know recently I blogged about the best hamburgers in Ankara. Well, yesterday I found out that the owner of the Timboo Cafe has discovered my blog. (Hi Mr. Timboo Cafe Owner!) Some friends of ours went to Timboo Cafe for Father's Day. They met the owner and told him that they had heard about his restaurant from us. He said he had read my review of it on the blog. He was googling Timboo Cafe just to see if there was anything written about it on the web and lo and behold my site was at the top of the list. Of course I blogged about it! The hamburgers were yummy! I couldn't help myself!

Let me tell you why the Timboo Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants in town.

1. They import their ketchup, mustard, and other sauces. All from America. This helps make the hamburgers the best and most authentic tasting.
2. There is more than one kind of burger to choose from. Many restaurants in Turkey have hamburgers on their menus. Most of them are terrible when compared to a hamburger from America. And most places have just one hamburger. Not Timboo Cafe. They have several different delicious burgers to choose from.
3. They give the kids a mini-dvd player and let them pick a movie to watch during dinner. This allows the adults at the table to actually have a conversation without interruptions.
4. They have waffles on their menu. I have only seen waffles in one other restaurant in Turkey.
5. The french fries are fantastic. They are sprinkled with some sort of special seasoned salt. YUM!
6. They have fried cheese. And that, my friends, needs no explanation.
7. The hamburger buns actually stay together and don't fall apart like the store bought variety in Turkey.
8. The waiters were very friendly, even donning Happy Birthday hats and letting me take a picture of them for a friend's birthday.
8. You don't have to put on your reading glasses to read the menu. (Not that I have reading glasses. I'm just saying this for my reading glasses wearing readers.) (Not that there's anything wrong with having to wear reading glasses. I just don't need them.) (Yet.)
9. No kofte spice.

Now I must say we haven't been to Timboo Cafe in a few weeks. We have a good reason. Remember that slight fender bender we had on May 25? Well we still haven't gotten our car back from the shop. Seriously! The actual work on the car was done, but while the car was being worked on the license plates were stolen off if it. We have been waiting on replacement license plates for a long time! When we get our car back we will definitely be making a trip to Timboo Cafe. For sure!


Anonymous said...

#3 alone would make it worth it.

Manager Mom said...

Mmmm... fried cheese....

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting to hear about the best pizza in Turkey!

Maybe you can talk to your good friend at Timboo Cafe and he will import some ingredients for you and make you one!!

I am so glad you found a good burger joint there, because I know how important the whole good food is to you....

Not that you EVER finish anything on your plate... which is not a problem I have, at all...

onur dal said...

hi natalie! 9 amazing reasons to be in Timboo. I would like to thank you for all the good comments on Timboo. Yes i am the owner who has been reading your commnets and also posted them on facebook timboo group(hope u dont mind). Looking forward to see you all there. A tiny hint should try the strawberry cheescake too. Hope to meet you guys there someday thnx...

Natalie said...

citizen of the world - i know. it is a great idea!

manager mom - really, who doesn't love fried cheese?

charlie girl - well...so far the best pizza in town is homemade. that is what jacob picked for his meal night this week. tomorrow night is pizza night.

onur dal - thanks for making yummy hamburgers! we will be back. and we'll try the cheesecake next time!