Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's the mother lode...

of chip bags.

A friend, who will remain nameless, gave this to us just for fun. While that may not seem like such a big deal to you, it is a huge deal for us! Huge. You see we cannot purchase this in Turkey. Oh we can get Ruffles, plain Lays, and Nacho Cheese Doritos in pretty much any store we go in. We can get Pringles BBQ and something very similar to sour cream and onion chips. We can get a spicy version of Doritos as well. So if we can get similar items why is this bag of chips so amazing?

Reason Number 1 - We can't get these here. Do you know how much I love Crunchy Cheetos? I love Crunchy Cheetos as much as Santa loves Christmas. You don't realize how much you miss something until you cannot have it. I have claimed one bag for my very own. I would claim them all, but I think my children might stage a revolt if I do.

Reason Number 2 - We also can't get these. The are the ORIGINAL you know. And they are yummy. We can't get bean dip either, but I can make me some of that. I can also add some chili and make that junior high cafeteria favorite...Frito Pie. Now my mouth is watering!

You might be wondering how our friend came across the mother lode of chip bags if we can't get these here. Well that friend happens to be able to shop at the commissary on the joint forces military base here in town. That friend was thinking about us while she was shopping. That friend bought us a present just for fun. We love our friends.

Side note - my children always make sure to invite friends with base privileges to their birthday parties. That way they get things like cases of Dr. Pepper, large bottles of Pace Picante Sauce, and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups for birthday presents. I am raising those kids up right! They would rather have food over some lousy toys for a present any ol' day!


jfoodyum said...

I've been reading your blog daily and love it. Todays brings fond memories. We would love to get invited over to friends' where we could find oreos, wavy lays, cheetos, pickle relish, ball park franks, white bread.. It was strange though how we would become hungry for things we never really ate before.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Cheetos are awesome! While green chiles are the official food of my town, and indeed we would go into lockdown if anything happened to our green chile supply, Flaming Hot Cheetos are a close second. A person whose hands are not stained red is not a true Albuquerque-an. In fact I am not a true Albuquerque-an because I prefer the cheddar-jalapeno flavor. :P

Anonymous said...

I totaly know what you mean! We have a hugely popular local brand of chips with a relatively small distribution area. I used to think it was funny when people who had moved away would stock up on 1 pound bags when they came back for a visit to the area. Funny, that is, until I moved across the country. I had people send them to me, I would bring them back if I came to visit, and I even started ordering them online a case at a time (which cost about 3 times as much as in the stores). On my rare visit back here my first stop would be at a convenience store for chips and dip.

Kirsten said...

Frito Pie. YUM. That brings back memories. There is nothing better than Frito's and beans and cheese.

Sound like smart kids to me. :-)

Bteacher99 said...

In case someone thinks your kids are just golddiggers, a few thoughts...those base-privilege kids will trade cheez-its and oreos for some of the "local" snack foods; the party invitations are mutual; and the base-privilege folks know how much we appreciate these occasional gifts. I got my own bag of Fritos (an 11-serving size) for a "thank you for teaching me" gift.

The Over-Thinker said...

I'm so glad you told us how she acquired this loveliness. I'm happy that it didn't fall off a truck and she found it lying on a dirt road somewhere.

For the record, if it did fall off a truck, I'd still eat it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, those military people have got it MADE what with their normal-tasting Doritos and their Taco Bell and all!
but isn't it funny how you kind of lose touch with stuff you liked from home until you get some of it in your hot little hands...and mouth?
and now it is the reverse...I so long for stuff from Korea and can't get it here!

Gemini Girl said...

I totally get it.

When I lived in Israel all I wanted was some twizzlers. You cannot find twizzlers there!

great blog! (Is there a reason you guys live in turkey?)

Mamadallama said...

I can relate. My missing food item is Mike Sells potato chips, only available in Ohio, I guess. You sure can't get them in FL. Enjoy your chips!

HeyJoe said...

Certainly one of the best things about being in the states is the sheer variety of fat-laden snack treats. U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

My Mother Load favorites from top to bottom:
1. Corn chips
2. Bbq chips
3. Doritos: Nacho cheese
4. Doritos: Spicy
5. Ruffles
6. Lays
7. Lays: Sour cream/onion
8. Cheetos

I used to like the cheeto more, but got really sick of it for some reason. And the Flaming Hot Cheetos? Bag ‘o barf.

LiteralDan said...

I feel spoiled by my bountiful riches now. I should go binge and appreciate it all.

On the bright side, when you get back to the US, there will be no base to visit for all the Turkish things you miss. So you've got it relatively good now, right?

Natalie said...

jfoodyum - thanks for reading...and for letting me know who you really are! and i agree. i had no idea i would miss 3 musketeers, pepperoni, cheddar cheese, and a whole bunch of other items as much as i do! and the bread...don't get me started on the bread. they have great turkish bread here, but the sandwich bread leave much to be desired!

memarie lane - yes...we love our cheetos. i can't imagine even tampering with the taste of a cheeto. i think i'll stick with the original! at least until i get tired of them...which at the rate i am going will be never!

missnightowl - i have done the same thing when i've been back. gone to the store for cheetos and fritos as soon as i arrive back. i am sure the cashier at the convenience store wonders at the wonder in my eyes over bags of chips.

mama ginger tree - i love me some frito pie! i have written that down to have when we get back. like i put it in my recipe box so i don't forget!

ms. morton - i know you get it. my kids are all about trading. they come home and say that so and so is bringing them poptarts if they will bring them a popkek. i say go for it!

over-thinker - i would too. especially if it was still sealed. if it wasn't then i would have to at least evaluate before i took a bite!

~m - i know i will be the same way. i have some local favorites that will be hard to replace once we are in the states for good!

gemini girl - twizzlers...another something i didn't know i missed until i couldn't get them!

mamadallama - i have never heard of mike sells potato chips. maybe you can order them online and have them shipped!

heyjoe - i ate some of those nacho cheese doritos today and i think they are actually better than the ones we get here. i may have to do a taste test and see! at least all these flavors were good. i was also wishing for some cool ranch doritos. i remember liking them. i haven't tasted them in so long i'm not sure if i still would!

literaldan - you are right! i will be missing quite a few things when i get back. things i won't be able to get at all. now i get surprised every once in awhile by base treats. in america i will just have to do without some turkish goodness. oh well!

Kevin McKeever said...

Your commenting on my blog just because you know my wife works for the international end of the "healthy snack" food conglomerate you spout all over this entry, aren't you? Hey, anything that brings in readers.

Jennifer S said...

That is a very good friend!


Natalie said...

always home and uncool - no! i had no idea your wife works for the "international end of the "healthy snack" food conglomerate" i referred to in this post! where are my hook-ups? i was just reading some daddy bloggers on father's day. really.

jennifer h. - glad you had a great weekend! and we do love our friends!

Andrea said...

I'm glad that you have a base "connection". Even though the commissary doesn't have the best variety, it is nice for those who are missing those favorite carb snacks!

Oh, the snacks that I am going to try when we visit the US...those I have only read about in ads. Strange and sad, eh?

Carolynn Anctil said...


Sorry...had a mouthful of Cheetos, and forgot myself there for a moment...uh...let me just...umm...dust some of these neon orange crumbs off my belly....

Hi. My name is Carolynn and I'm a potato chip-aholic. It started at a very young age and I haven't met a potato chip since that I haven't liked.

Well, you can have the dill pickle and ketchup flavours. Yucko. There is such a thing as taking it too far.

Kevin McKeever said...

Nat - Go to my blog and e-mail me. My Love says she may be able to hook you up overseas.

Natalie said...

andrea - it is nice to get base stuff every once in awhile.

and yes...i am the same way. i wander the grocery stores when i am back in the states just looking at all the new food items. it is never a quick trip to the store for me!

carolynn - thanks for rubbing it in! and yes we also have the ketchup flavored chips...and i agree. nasty! so are the peanut flavored, the steak flavored, and the popcorn flavored. yuck!

always home and uncool - are you kidding me? you know i'll still read your blog even if you can't get me a lifetime supply of cheetos. you don't have to bribe me!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Awesome that your kids know how to work the social network! I've got to read some more of your blog to find out why on earth you are in Ankara without base privileges.

Natalie said...

nanny goats in panties - they learned how to work the system from their friends at school. not from their parents. we would never do that...ever. at least i wouldn't. i'm not so sure about their father. he just might try it!