Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dirt road to fun

The road to all the character and ambiance and atmosphere.
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Brittany said...

HAHAHAHA! Your daily life is so freakin awesome and endlessly fun!

Anonymous said...

Brittany- And to think, she only blogs the 1/2 of it!!

Trust me... when she tells these stories in person, she can't talk sometimes, because she is laughing so hard!

I think that is why I love the live action video so much, because you can see the story as it is happening and then when she adds the narrative... side splitting some days!

Mike S said...

Whoa! Finally got the feeds all set up only to find I got about 2hours of backlog reading to do just on here. Sure am glad you're so entertaining!!:)

Good project for tomorrow.

Natalie said...

brittany - i certainly try to have fun. and most of the time i am cracking up at the situations we get ourselves in!

charlie girl - um...wait...you weren't even talking to me...

mike s - good grief...don't hurt yourself trying to read all of it! you can just mark it all as read and i'll never know!