Thursday, June 19, 2008

AG strikes again

Further evidence that something has happened to AG in the past few weeks. She and Erica are headed to camp tomorrow night, and AG made a list before she packed so she wouldn't forget anything. Seriously.

Side note - I received an email wondering why the boys aren't going to camp. Will absolutely refuses to go. He has been twice and says that he is never going to camp again. His reason...a week is too long to be away from home. He misses me too much. And he isn't ashamed to tell his friends. I think Jacob would go if Will was going. Originally AG didn't want to go either, but she changed her mind after listening to Erica talk about how great it was. I hope it is great, because if AG isn't having fun the whole campground will know it!


Anonymous said...


Did you all have some sort of alien abduction happen? Is this the "real AG?"

I think she is trying to get power of attorney for when you are older!

She will be responsible now, to prove how trust worthy she is then.... WHAM!

Off to the nursing home for the two of you!

Just kidding... this is great news, and shows that she is serious about making a change... Good stuff Mom!

Brittany said...

Awww....I think it's sweet Will says he would miss you too much, my boys had better say that come camp time:)

Natalie said...

charlie girl - i know. i am very happy about this change! it is amazing. and being a list person myself i was quite proud of the list she made.

brittany - will was talking to some boys about camp. they weren't going either because they thought some of the kids from istanbul who went were too snooty. will said to the boys who were 12 and 16 that he wasn't going because he would miss us too much. no qualms at all about sharing that. luckily will is a popular kid. everyone likes him. it's a good thing or they might think he is a sissy momma's boy.

Anonymous said...

Kids are awesome! They are always surprising you. Looks like AG is indeed committed to her new lifestyle (being organized). And my boys were the same way. Didn't care what anyone thought. It's nice to be loved!

Anonymous said...

Maybe AG has realized that life is just so much easier when you're organized. I didn't realize it for myself until I went out on my own and had to be responsible for EVERYTHING!

I'm having a contest over at my place... come on over to win some FREE CHOCOLATE!


Natalie said...

mamadallama - i know. she even made sure her room was perfect before she left for camp. i wish i could say the same for erica!

andrea - i think she is finally getting that! i want chocolate! i always want chocolate!