Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A rabbit tale.

This is Anna Grace and her friend Christy. Christy owns a rabbit named Snowy.

This is Snowy.

Guess who is going to America for the summer.

If you guessed Christy you were right.

Guess who is staying with us for the summer.


Guess who promised to take care of Snowy and feed her and make sure she has water and make sure her messes are cleaned up.

That would be Anna Grace.

And Erica promised to help.

Guess who is going to camp for a week this Friday.

Yes. You guessed it...Anna Grace.

And Erica is going for two weeks.

Guess who gets to take care of Snowy and feed her and make sure she has water and clean up her messes.

That would be Jacob.

And Will.

What? Did you think I was going to say Her?

Or Him?

Nope. That's why Her and Him had four kids. So they wouldn't have to do any of the work around here.

The End


Anonymous said...


Good picture of the family!

Lost In Splendor said...

So funny! Well I am here if you need any bunny advice. I am crazy about my two. :)

LiteralDan said...

That's a funny story in pictures-- nicely done. I bet Jacob and Will are going to be charging an exorbitant price of their sisters for the care of said rabbit.

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures! Are you SURE you won't be taking care of bunny?
I'm just WAITING for Miles to start pulling his weight around here. It's been 8.5 months already and he's still freeloading!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Natalie! I hope things go as you have planned. Keep us informed!


Sharon said...

One word of advice from a previous rabbit owner: Don't let Snowy bite into any electrical chords. You'd be amazed how far those little rabbits can fly across the room after an electrical shock!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

I tell the kids that all the time - the only reason you're here is I needed people to do all of my work.

And, let me know if after a week you end up doing it, okay?

HeyJoe said...

That would make a nice picture book.
We had a rabbit for several years. I don't know...not my first choice for a pet, but many love them.

Natalie said...

charlie girl - yeah...it's not going to be funny when i have to clean up after snowy!

sparkliesunshine - i know you are. thankfully!

literaldan - will has informed me since the blog post that he never said he was helping take care of things. just jacob. this is why jacob won the character award...because he is too nice!

~m - well...i may end up having to help some! but i do plan on making the kids do the majority of the work!

mamadallama - thanks! i'll be sure to blog about snowy this summer...for sure!

sharon - she is strictly a balcony bunny. that is what she is used to at home so that is what she gets here. no electrical cord worries!

hahn at home - yeah...i'll probably be doing some of the work. ag is already wearing a clothes pin on her nose as she cleans up. we'll see how long she lasts.

heyjoe - not my first choice either. but i must say she has been relatively easy. so far.

Brittany said...

Ok, that was...absolutely hysterical!

Natalie said...

brittany - thanks. we'll see how funny it is in a week or so when nobody wants to take care of the rabbit!