Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blending in

In yesterday's post I mentioned that my kids went to a Turkish school for the first two years we were here. Last night I was looking through some pictures and came across these. (The school was established in 1984...that was not the year we attended!) Guess which kids are mine! To see the pictures better you may want to click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The only picture I found of Jacob's class was at Christmas when they were all dressed in costumes. All the other pictures are in an album and I didn't want to pull them out.

Of course there is this one which was featured in a past blog post. His class was performing a dance. He was quite concerned about having to wear this pink shirt. The red ruffly one he had to wear for the Spanish dance they performed later was fine. Since it was red and red is his favorite color!

No amount of wearing the same clothes or speaking the language was going to help us! We stood out like sore thumbs. So much for assimilation!


Anonymous said...

Those are great and you are right, they do stick out.

Glad you are sharing this series of posts to take us back in time a bit... it is actually pretty fun.

Mike S said...

Hmmmmmm? Real poser that one?? hehehe My kids were blond/light brown from their mom's side and when we went into rural areas in some countries they were treated like celebrities. Loadsa candy etc and a whole lotta touching the hair(after asking permission)to see if it was real and/or felt like theirs. They got my skin tone, so it made the blond show up that much more. Do your kids get any extra attention in the remoter places??

Anonymous said...

LOL they stick out like a sore thumnb!!

Is it me or does it look like the teacher in the first shot was kinda glued on there? Like they added her after the fact?

Maybe i had too much beer......


Tricia said...

My son would also be wearing boots.

The Over-Thinker said...

I love the yellow tights on the gal in the front row :)

Natalie said...

charlie girl - thanks! yeah...there was no way we could blend in!

mike s - our kids were the most popular kids in school. kids from every grade knew their names. and like your kids they got lots of attention from everyone...candy too! and yes in rural areas the blue eyes and blonde hair goes over really well! even at the mall the other day some teenage girls kept touching will's head. he just rolled his eyes!

#2 - that teacher was mean! actually they all were pretty strict!

tricia - my kids even started wearing undershirts because the turkish kids did. they tried hard to fit in!

over-thinker - yeah...she didn't blend in too well!

Natalie said...

arizona albino - i didn't publish your comment since you asked me not to, but just so you know i wasn't offended at all. not at all. those teachers were strict and usually looked like that! not many smiles at all. ever!