Friday, April 18, 2008

America and Texas

I love America. I do. I do. I guess that is a good thing considering it is my home country. I know there are plenty of problems and issues floating around in America, but I still love it.

On a recent drive through Texas I stopped at a small travel stop to get a drink. There was a huge flag waving over the premises and many people milling around. Everyone seemed to be happy. This stop wasn't on any main highway so I was surprised at how many people were there. They kept looking up at the flag and conversing with their fellow travelers. It warmed my heart for some reason. Then of course I had to take pictures!

Old Glory

Now I know that not all travel stops will have these sorts of visitors. The cowboy hats and overalls do me in every time! You gotta love Texas.

I also ate a restaurant with my family while I was there. It was a bbq restaurant, but I decided I wanted chicken fried steak.

Would you look at the size of that thing! It is huge. As big as my face! And considering it came with two side orders and bread you can be sure I didn't even eat half of it. More like 1/4 of it. I felt terrible that I wasted so much food! I knew it wouldn't taste good reheated since it was breaded and covered with gravy. As much as I hated doing it I walked out of the restaurant without taking it with me. (hint...if you ever eat at Harris County BBQ and want chicken fried steak find someone...or two someones to share it with you!)

Something else I loved about Harris County BBQ was the stools they had. Saddles and tractor seats never knew this was coming. I would love to have stools like this in my house one day. I'm not sure Brian would go for it though! Again...you gotta love Texas!

Just in case you are wondering...I love Turkey, too. For some of my reasons why see here and here and here and here.


Sharon said...

That chicken fried steak is a perfect example of why most americans are unhealthy and overweight. I could feed my whole family with that thing! And who cut off your forehead in the picture?

Anonymous said...

Well, I do know a few things about saddles and tractor parts, as I grew up on a farm, sorta... and those are very cool stools...

I think Brian should let you have whatever your heart desires... You after all have excellent taste... you did pick him after all....

I will keep a look out for stools like this... just in case!

HeyJoe said...

I love chicken fried steak, but my God that's a huge hunk o meat. Unfortunately I would have probably finished it.

Natalie said...

sharon - i agree. the other plates weren't quite as full as mine but still full nonetheless. i wonder how much food is wasted on a daily basis at that restaurant...well...at any restaurant in america!

charlie - i do love those stools. i'm just not sure that he would go for a cowboy decor. maybe if we have a gameroom or something someday!

heyjoe - it was delish, but more than any one person should eat in one sitting. i would have loved to see you try to eat it all!