Tuesday, April 29, 2008

science fair, shmience fair

ok...i know i've posted several little things today, but i have one more thing to share with you before my clock reaches midnight.

as you may know...if you've read my blog yesterday or today...we have been up to our ears in science fair projects. for what seems like months now. another mom, who is just as tired of the science fair as i am, sent me the following link.


i laughed. hard.


Anonymous said...

First the snow story.... and now this... my jaws hurt and so do my sides from laughing so hard today...

It IS all YOUR Fault!!

Mike S said...

Funny!! Sorta glad a few of those kids don't reside with us! Such as the 'foot fetish' gal and a few more with questionable topics. Wonder what family discussions in those homes are like?:)

Natalie said...

charlie girl - what can i say? i am funny.

mike - i totally agree. my favorites are the crystal meth: friend or foe and the last kid who looks like he threw his project together the night before. oh and the guy who wonders if video games are bad for you. he is a perfect example of YES!