Friday, April 18, 2008


Anna Grace participated in our school's version of Annie tonight. She was an unnamed orphan which was fine with her! She did try out for the part of Molly but didn't get it. She told me before they announced who got the part that she hoped she didn't get it. So I guess it is good that she was an unnamed orphan. Here are a few pics of her from tonight!

AG and a friend passed out programs.

Loving the dirty face and messy hair look!

In the middle of her performance of Hard Knock Life.

The main orphans. Our Annie had real red hair. Everyone did a great job!


HeyJoe said...



What's the age range of these kids?

Did they sing in English or Turkish?

Do you have any leftover chicken-fried steak?

Natalie said...

heyjoe - thanks.

the kids were from 1st grade to high school. not sure how old the girl who played miss hannigan was. at least 9th grade i would say. some of the actors may have been older than that. our school is a prek - 12 grade campus.

they sang and acted in english. our school is an international school with an american curriculum taught in english. while that is great, i do find it funny that they teach american history to kids from iraq, norway, korea, italy, brazil, etc. i subbed in an american history class the first year the school was open and was quite amused at having to go over america's pioneer days with such an international group.

and as far as the chicken fried steak goes i bet you could work in the kitchen at hc bbq and get plenty of left over chicken fried steak! i do wonder if they would have let me order a half order...or if there were sizes and since i didn't specify they gave me the large. that has to be it. who would eat that much?

HeyJoe said...

I would eat that much.

Thanks for the prompt response to my pressing questions.

Anonymous said...

She looks like she is having a blast! Did she like the grubby look? I can see her wanting to do this all the time... she is amazing!

I am glad it went so well....

Anonymous said...

How cute is she!!

Natalie said...

heyjoe - good for you. cleaning your plate...your mom would be proud!

witty - yeah...she was cute. and i was a terrible mom and didn't make her wash her face when she went to bed. she looked like an orphan for sure!

cheri - thanks. we thought so!