Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm back

I arrived back in Turkey on Tuesday afternoon. The house was clean, the kids well fed, and the laundry done. That made me extremely happy. There was a pile of stuff on my dresser that I needed to deal with. That did not make me happy. I dealt with it though. I am mostly unpacked. Today I will finish that. I am jet-lagged and not sleeping well. Actually I am sleeping great just not when I should be sleeping. So...now I will leave you with this fun story.

This is Marie. She works at the funeral home that took care of my grandmother's stuff. Marie is my new best friend. While Dad and Aunt Becky were picking out the casket she asked me if I went to school. That sweet lady thought I was in college. I knew I liked her from the minute I walked in the door, but after that I loved her for sure! She is a tiny thing, and I felt extremely huge next to her! I am 5'2" so you can just guess how little she is!


Anonymous said...

As petite as you are, I can't imagine!

You don't look a day over 21, and that is for sure.... {grin}

Anonymous said...

Whereas your husband doesn't look a day over 51.

Natalie said...

charlie - now you are just being nice.

cheezy - that is what he tells me. i might argue for 41 though!