Saturday, April 19, 2008


After my grandmother's funeral the family and several friends went to a luncheon prepared for us. Here are a few pictures from that celebration.

Me with my grandmother's two sisters. Actually there were 9 kids all together. I had the privilege of knowing 5 of them.

My grandmother's 8 grandchildren. We tried to figure out when we had all been together last and could only come up with an event from when I was 9. That is like 29 years ago. There may have been one other time, but I can guarantee it wasn't much later than that, because I hadn't seen one of these cousins since I was 15!

Me and my siblings with my dad's brother's grandchildren...my cousins' children. Um...does that make them second cousins or are they first cousins once removed?

Here we are again with my dad's cousin's daughter. Is she a second cousin? I have no idea how all that works!

Me and Michelle...I know this one. She is my brother's wife. My sister-in-law!

This is my cousin, Jason. The one I hadn't seen since I was 15. Brian had seen pictures but decided he didn't believe he existed so we had to take a proof of existence photo!

I must also point out that I am wearing a skirt in these pictures. Take note. It will be a long time before you see that again! (I don't want to hear the word frump in conjunction with this skirt. Do you hear me? Not a word about it! Good!)


Mentanna said...

ok i promise i won't say the word frump. no one could say that that skirt is frumpy or that you look like a frump in it. now in college, you wore some of the frumpiest things i had ever seen but that was during the era of frumpness so it was ok. i think you should wear a skirt more often and not worry about your return to frumpdom. frumpidity, in general, is nothing to be concerned about, but if you're frump-shy, then maybe you should take a frumpause.

Natalie said...

mentanna - ok...you succeeded in cracking me up. totally. the use of the frump words...oh my. laughing.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO Mentanna... I love it!!

Natalie, it isn't all that frumpy.. more dowdy....

Anonymous said...

And I was just thinking I could use those skirts in Morocco. My first purchase of long skirts made me feel "dowdy". Now I'm getting used to it. I guess that's what age does to you!

Natalie said...

charlie girl - don't encourage mentanna! but you are right it was funny stuff! and dowdy...are you sure?

anon - yeah...maybe it is the length that makes it dowdy. i just know that after living in a muslim country for 6 years i feel naked if too much skin shows!