Sunday, April 20, 2008

A food review...brought to you by 3 of the Dixon kids.

Doritos Muzik Rock. I love rock music. According to the small print these are biftek flavored. Basically that means steak flavored. Hm. We love steak. What do I think about steak flavored chips? I really don't know. It doesn't sound good to me.

What about these? Doritos in 3-D. They are just spice flavored. Not sure if that means spicy or just spices. There are pictures of peppers so maybe they are hot.

I think I should buy them and see what my kids think. Maybe they will love them! They are getting tired of the same ol' stuff in their lunch boxes.

Hey guys come look at the new chips I bought! Aren't these cool? Let's do a taste test just for fun. (And so mom can use you guys as guinea pigs since she isn't really sure what she thinks about them!) I opened the bags and was overwhelmed with the smell of...something. Hmm...steak and spices I guess. Hmm...I am glad I am not tasting these things!

This doesn't look like any chip I have ever seen.

The 3-D ones aren't bad. I'm not saying they are good, but they were much better than the steak ones. That is the worst chip I have ever tasted. It does not taste like steak!

Steak? I love steak! And how much more convenient than a steak-tasting chip! I bet I can put this whole chip in my mouth.

That was supposed to taste like steak? Ughhhh...nasty. Disgusting. I'm outta here.

Ok...let's give this chip a try. I need to close my eyes and concentrate on it's flavor.

Nasty, gross. Tastes like sand.

We think we'll stick with these! And yes...I purchased them at the same store as the above chips. We had to use them as a palate cleanser after the other chips. BBQ. Ahhh...that's much better!


becky marshall said...

Barbeque chips. My personal favorite! Hey - another random thing...but i think it's pretty amazing that Brian is the only member of your family with BROWN EYES!!!

Anonymous said...

You can get them all jobs as "taste testers" when they are older! You have blogging proof they gave good and accurate reviews of really bad chips.

The faces are priceless! Great job with that camera lady! As always.....

Natalie said...

becky - i do love the bbq. it is amazing that none of the kids got those brown eyes. brian's mom has blue eyes so i guess we dominated!

charlie girl - taste testers. not sure if they would go for that. they didn't like it much this time!

Joe Tornatore said...

they should never tinker with the original Doritos recipe. It's the best.

Natalie said...

joe - i agree. bring on the plain corn flavored doritos! and thanks for the visit!