Tuesday, April 29, 2008


anna grace was playing a game on the computer earlier this evening, and the background music was very familiar to me. it brought back memories...so i looked it up. and now i am sharing it with you. you're welcome. (somehow brian missed this during his childhood. how is that possible?)


Anonymous said...

just great! now that song is stuck in my head!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


How is it possible Brian missed this?

Was he raised in a cave by wild animals?

Glad your kids have you around....

Mike S said...

Don't know when this song was originally written, but I seem to remember being a few decades younger when it was used as background music for various commercials on TV & radio.

Crystal DeLong said...

isn't youtube amazing!

Natalie said...

t - yeah...we've been singing for a couple of days now. glad i could share it with you!

charlie girl - me too. i'm not sure how brian missed it. he didn't watch much tv as a kid so maybe that's it!

mike - i think it was in 1969. i looked it up. i have heard it some over the years, but love this clip the best!

crystal - i know. everything's on there!