Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my day so far

1. brian and i went to the grocery store this morning. we were busy yapping in the car about important things like the differences between an organized crowd of people and a chaotic crowd of people and how horns on little cars don't sound intimidating at all, and brian missed the turn. instead of turning around and going back the way he knew he decided to cut through neighborhoods. one hour later we arrived at the grocery store. while we didn't discover a back way to the grocery store we did go through a neighborhood called "sanatoriyum". i think an old mental hospital used to be there. i can't imagine giving my address to people from america and having to say i live in sanatoriyum. while my mental state may often be in question by some of my friends i certainly wouldn't want them to think i had been committed!

2. after looking around for the chicken and hamburger meat at the grocery store we discovered it behind some sliding glass doors. the sign said press the button to enter. we did and ended up in the huge walk-in freezer of the store. it was true...not only were there sides of beef and mutton hanging from hooks in the ceiling, but packages of meat were displayed for sale in there as well. i was wearing capris, a short-sleeve shirt, and flip flops. i'm pretty sure i froze my ovaries, but i don't plan to have any more children so i guess that is ok. after escaping the freezer i noticed some heavy coats on hangers right outside the freezer. i guess they were for customers to put on before entering. not freezing your ovaries is pretty important around here.

3. after spending $2018592.42 on groceries we came home, and i took a nap. the reason for my nap is noted in point number 4.

4. while at the store the headache i went to bed with last night officially became a migraine. a headache officially becomes a migraine when there are tears pouring from one or both of my eyes. while i could have blamed it on my ovaries freezing i knew it for what it was. it has been at least a month since my last migraine...longer even i think. i am still loopy on medicine and suffering other side effects as well. this medicine makes me extra sensitive to touch. if i touch any part of my body with any other part of my body i feel it more. kinda like i am slightly bruised there. mostly that is ok. the part i don't like is when i put carmex on and rub my lips together. that hurts. i would rather my lips hurt than my head though.


Anonymous said...

You cracked me up! I can just picture you in the freezer, lips turning blue...

Brian is such a guy, what is that about? Taking the long way around, for no good reason, other than he can??

I am sorry about the headache, I know how those go. Try massage, it works!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Hope the headache is better - what are your triggers? Just having four kids? Or a husband who takes an hour to get to the grocery store?

Natalie said...

charlie girl - yes i was freezing. that is the story of my life though. you would think i would be smart enough to not walk into a freezer!

hahn - i had a headache three days in a row, but only the first one turned into a migraine. i think it was the smog. the sky was pretty brown those days so i'm sure that had something to do with it. but the four kids and the husband who drives around looking for the back way to the grocery store are a good argument too!