Tuesday, April 29, 2008


that's it. someone typed that word by accident when i was chatting with them.

i looked at it. thought about it. and decided that i liked it.

swirl...swim...swirlm...my thoughts exactly.


Anonymous said...

Can you use that in a sentence?

Can you use it in the past tense?

Is it an adverb, noun, verb or adjective?

I need to know!

Mike S said...

I think my mind's gone swirlm thinking about using this:)

Mentanna said...

a word from the author...

swirlm is a verb. round and round he went until he began to feel his head swirlm.

swirlm can be an adjective. his swirlmy thoughts could barely make their way out of his head and onto the paper.

swirlm could be an adverb but needs to be chosen with care. The drunkard walked swirlmily toward the metro.

websters is adding this word next year...

Natalie said...

charlie girl - you know i can use it in a sentence. i already did! and it made your head swirlm!

mike - i think you should have said, "my mind's gone swirlming thinking about using this." don't worry...you'll get it!

mentanna - you my friend are a word machine! and you earned an addendum because you need to be heard!