Sunday, April 13, 2008

and again...

My blog continues to be an issue with some people. I honestly have searched my brain and my heart as to why people think it is so controversial. I don't get it. Recently I was asked the following question by someone in my life . What is it about writing something down and posting it that appeals to me? As I tried to explain it to them and others I have come to understand it better myself.

Everyone has a hobby...something they do to unwind, de-stress, and recharge. For me that is blogging. My mom's hobby is working in the yard. She loves it. She has to do it. She will go outside and water plants, weed flowerbeds, and trim bushes when none of that really needs to be done. Her yard is always immaculate. It is something that she needs to do on a daily basis for her own well-being. She can handle a day or two without it, but that is about it. She was out of town for 3 weeks this past month. I picked her up from the airport on a Saturday evening, and she said that she wasn't going to church on Sunday. What did she do instead? She worked in the yard. I left for church around 8:45am, had lunch with a friend after church, and arrived back home around 3pm. She was walking out the door to work in the yard when I left that morning, and she was still outside when I arrived home. Now I am sure she came in for a bite of lunch and to use the restroom, but other than that I can guarantee she spent all those hours outside. Unwinding, de-stressing, recharging. And I am so glad she can do that. The yard rarely needs all the work she puts into it, but she does need it. She needs it.

My sister-in-law does crafts. She has a craft room full of fun projects in all stages of completion. It is her hobby. If she couldn't do it she would go crazy. It is a way for her to give herself something. I am so glad she has something that is a therapeutic release for her. She has 20 month old and is pregnant with baby number 2 so having that time to unwind everyday is needed.

I know of people who knit, run, paint, scrapbook, watch tv, sew, take pictures, quilt, read, etc... How is my choice of hobby any different than theirs? The only thing I see differently is that I share my hobby with others. I allow others to read what I am writing. My blog is about my life...the life of an American family living in Turkey. Sometimes it has nothing to do with Turkey. Sometimes I share cultural things. Sometimes I mention friends. Sometimes I share funny stories. Always I try to be real. Always. If it makes you uncomfortable don't read it. If you don't get why I need to do it don't read it. Nobody is forcing anyone to read anything. If you don't like what I write about don't read it. What more can I say?


Anonymous said...

This blog speaks for bloggers everywhere.... Blog on!!

Mike S said...

You derive enjoyment from writing, and more importantly than the current readers enjoying reading it so much, imagine how your grandchildren will feel one day if they can read these precious glimpses of the wonderful person their Grandmom was, back when she was young and on her way to becoming a SUPER Grandmom:)

LAcousin said...

Have you ever considered writing a book? You are so creative and such a great story teller. I am sure you could weave some of our family eccentrics and invent some wonderful characters or just write down the stories as we've heard them so they can be passed along. If writing is your thing then, WRITE!!!

maris said...

Hi Nat,
I'm glad you made it safe and sound back to Turkey.
I think, it's great that you're blogging. It's a way to process and create. Just because it's a little unorthodox doesn't mean that it's wrong. Also, some people just have the desire to write things down, not as a journal, but to share with others. I am one of those people and I defintely understand you:)
So, keep up the work and don't give in. I love your blog:)

Crystal DeLong said...

I see the appeal of blogging too. There is something about writing down your thoughts that is just theraputic. Don't let all those weird people who don't understand you get to you. You rock Natalie!

HeyJoe said...

I think that for many, blogging must come across like confession; the sharing of personal, sometimes embarrassing details of our lives. They don't understand how or why we would want to share so many private thoughts and feelings with the internet masses.

I think to some, we (us bloggers) come across as needy; needing attention, needing our feelings validated, needing compliments and praise. Maybe they’re right. But we all choose our own forms of expression, and for every person who may think us odd there are dozens who applaud our bravery and enjoy our creation. So keep at it.

Deep thoughts for a Monday morning.

Welcome home Natalie.

Me. Here. Right now. said...

So, don't defend it.


Amy said...

okay, so I just gotta weigh in here. I am glad you blog. especially since you come all the way to texas and I don't even get to see you. That, my friend, ticks me off. i went to ss to see you. but noooo... you didn't show up. i just don't know if i can continue this relationship. it really seems one sided. i just don't know... now, to be serious, i think that as long as blogging doesn't take the place of real live interaction with humans, then what's the big deal?

Mentanna said...

sometimes being ourselves means being misunderstood by others.

blog on natalie.

Sara Campbell said...

Hey Natalie! Glad you are on your way back soon! Your kids have been well dressed and fed each day when they appear at school. Brian is doing a good job! I still owe you SO much money one day for all the cupcakes sweet Will gives my baby! He is her hero, no doubt. See you soon. Have a good trip back. -Sara

Mandy B Stenberg said...

Blog on!

Natalie said...

witty - thanks...you know i will.

mike - i do enjoy it. i really do. i can't even imagine not doing it. my grandkids will love having to weed through all my ramblings i'm sure!

lacousin - ok...i assume this is christy...i have thought about writing a book. but just the thought of it gives me writer's block! i'm sure i could come up with some fun family stories though!

derya - me too...happy to be home for sure. i'm glad you love my blog. i need to catch up on yours...being out of town for so long made me get behind on lots of things!

crystal - i am glad you understand. i knew you would!

heyjoe - yeah...my mom says i talk too much and my blog is just more chatter! she doesn't read it which i am fine with. i do talk too much...she is right about that! thanks...glad to be home.

hahn - i am trying, but it is hard.

scmom - i am so sorry i missed you. i had lots of real live interaction while in america...but this past winter it was definitely lacking in turkey. i'm sure that is one concern. the cold and snow are gone now which helps my general mood for sure! i look forward to getting out with the real people!

mentanna - i know. and you know. thanks.

sara - i'm glad brian had them well fed and clothed. i never worried. he is a great dad. will loves eva so he doesn't mind sharing his snacks at all. he did tell me to tell you that next time you need a babysitter to call him instead of emily. i found that funny!

mandy - thanks. i plan to.

moosh in indy. said...

Nobody's ever going to like everything you write. Even if you write about saving starving puppies there will be people out to get you.
After about four dozen trolls and meanies I have a nice thick supple skin.
Yours will come too.

Natalie said...

moosh - i'm sure that is true. i guess it would be better if it were people i didn't know!

Heather said...

perfectly stated, Natlie :)

Natalie said...

wishful - thanks! i appreciate that.