Friday, August 10, 2007


On our recent trip to Ephesus, Laodicea, Canakkale, and Istanbul we stayed at several hotels. One of the best things was having air conditioned rooms to sleep in! It was so hot outside!!!!

The first hotel we stayed in was in Selcuk, the modern town close to the Ephesus ruins. It was cute and quaint. Translation - small! But all we needed was a toilet, shower, and bed to be happy! Oh, and air conditioning...and it had all of those things. One thing we have noticed about the bathrooms in some hotels is how they try to conserve space. The bathroom in this hotel was small. The door to the entire bathroom was a glass shower door. The shower was right behind the door. Basically, we just showered in that little room getting the toilet, sink and whatever else happened to be in the room wet. Fun times.

Notice where I had to stand in order to see in the mirror and use the sink. Thankfully the sink was tiny so there was room for me to stand there. Also notice that the mirror is too high for me to see much more than the top half of my head. I could have stood on the toilet to see the rest of me, I guess! You can see the door to the bathroom to the left in the picture, and I actually sat on the toilet to shave my legs!

My super-cool roommate for the trip. Kristina was the only girl from our home fellowship to come on the trip so I got to be her roommate. Yea!!! Brian shared a hotel room with the guys for the three nights we were gone.

Looking down from the second floor of our hotel in Selcuk. This is where we ate breakfast...the french toast was yummy!

I didn't get pictures from our other two hotels, but they weren't cute or quaint...just normal two twin bed hotel rooms.

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