Friday, August 10, 2007


Recently we had the opportunity to visit the ruins of Laodicea, one of the 7 churches mentioned in Revelation. There were quite a few ruins on a hill, but they wouldn't let us take pictures. We saw roads, and there were two amphitheaters in behind the ruins. We didn't actually see them, but that's what the map said! These pictures were taken a little ways away from the main site they were excavating. According to the map it was once a bath house. I was amazed at how the arches were still standing! And it was also amazing to see how much soil had filled in the doorway after so many years! I didn't bother labeling the pictures, but...fyi...the people in the pictures are from a group from our home fellowship. Oh and fyi again...the 7 churches mentioned in Revelation are all found in Turkey. Come visit and we will take you to see what's left of them!

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