Friday, August 10, 2007

Our New Phone

I sent an email out to many of you telling you about our new phone. I have only gotten a couple of phone calls so I'm thinking that either people don't really believe that they can call me for free or people have forgotten about me since I've been away from the states for 6 1/2 months. But, I'm counting on it being reason number one!

So here's the low down on our new phone. For over a year people with our company all over Turkey have been getting phone numbers from Vonage. I never really thought that much about it or really even knew what it was, but we kept getting emails with different people's new Vonage phone numbers. While we were in the states three people with our company and in our city got Vonage phones. When we arrived back in Turkey we started asking questions about what Vonage really was. And it was amazing! We were able to choose an area code from anywhere in America. Then people from that same area code could call us for free. Also the great thing was that we could make phone calls to any area code in America for free. Vonage number to Vonage number calls were free, and calls to the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Ireland were also free. Calls to many other countries were only 1 cent a minute! It seemed crazy. It works through our high speed internet, but doesn't cost anything through them. We pay $24.99 plus tax a month to Vonage. We just have to hook up our Vonage phone box to our router/modem and it works. We chose an 832 area code, because my parents have the same area code. My brothers and sisters can all call for free because they have phone services that allow them to call most Houston area numbers for free. That means for them most 281, 832, and 713 numbers are free. So if you can, please give us a call. I included our phone number in the email I sent out saying I updated our blog. If for some reason you didn't get it and you want to call me comment on here, and I will email it to you! If you want to check out the Vonage website yourself please do. www.vonage.com We have the Residential Premium Unlimited Plan...fyi.

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