Friday, August 24, 2007

Worn Out!

This week was Vacation Bible School week on the joint forces military base in town. That meant getting up no later than 7am to leave the house by 8am. We drove a loop around our neighborhood to pick people up and then headed off to have fun. It was fun. But for some reason it wears me out! Every year by the end I am so ready for it to be over. I think it is because I have late sleepers in my house so having everyone up and ready to leave so early is tiring. I'm glad that VBS happens so late in the summer because it is a good way to prepare for starting school. The early mornings are helping us get up, but the day ends earlier than a normal school day which for right now is great!

Next week we are going to a conference which will last from Sunday night until Friday morning. We will have early mornings and all day activities again. We are staying in a nice hotel which will be fun I'm sure. And the weather will be a lot cooler than it has been in town here! That will be really nice!

We arrive back home on Friday evening and then on Sunday we head to Istanbul to spend a couple of days with Brian's parents. They are taking a cruise out of Istanbul so we thought we would go see them off. We will end up missing the first day of school on September 3, but we will be back in time for day 2.

That's it. What we've done, what we are doing, and what we are going to do.

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Gina said...

What was your VBS theme??